I hate me, part 700,631

Ordered lunch from a deli, it wasn’t ready to pick up when I got there. So, I sat on a waiting bench that’s on an aisle that leads from the counter to the tables in the back. As I was sitting there intermittently checking emails and staring off into space a large family came in with a guy in a motorized wheelchair. A couple of family members looked at the sitting arrangements and the wheelchair guy started down the aisle. I was stuck, on one side there were people looking at the seating on the other side was the wheelchair that couldn’t get through without running over my feet. So I stood up to let them get by. I was standing in what could be described as not a comfortable position. The wheelchair was an inch from my leg, he stopped and a family argument ensued.

“I can’t fit down there”

“Yes you can”

“I’ll never make it”

“Just try it”



“I can’t make that turn!”

“Alright, lets go…but you could’ve made that turn”

“Not a chance”

I was standing awkwardly trying not to look at anyone in the middle of this family discussion, without ever being acknowledged. Like I was a deli ghost, haunting the deli in search of lean (but not too lean) pastrami. They finally trundled out and my lunch was ready.

    • galbacco
    • April 13th, 2017

    If Spock’s hand was a little higher the whole thing would’ve been wrong…

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