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Sunday Music 7/5/15

13th Floor Elevators-Street Song

This is from Bull of the Woods, the Elevators 3rd studio album. This record is kind of a mess, some of it works in spite of itself. Here’s a gem from it.


Sunday Music 5/12/15

Quirks-Hey Girl

This is from a cd a friend made me Fine Studio Tapes. A bunch of lost garage rock gems from Rochester NY, that ended up in Australia. Here’s link describing it better

The Quirks The Quirks

Sunday Music 3/15/15

W.I.T.C.H-Like a Chicken

This is from Zamrock pioneers W.I.T.C.H (We Intend To Cause Havoc) from their 1973 album Introduction. A few of their things have been reissued by Now-Again Records


Sunday Music 5/4/14

Captain Crunch & The Crew-Nowadays People
These guys were from Ohio and that’s about all I know. I found it on a solid psych comp Psychedelic Experience Vol.3 (Mystic Records). The guitar lead from 2:25 to the end is amazing

Sunday Music, 12/22/13

Cheap Time-Slow Variety
In a year of great albums, Tennessee trio Cheap Time and their newest album Exit Smiles (In The Red records) might have slipped through the cracks. This could slot in nicely with what’s going on out in San Francisco (Ty Segall, Oh Sees, etc). Garage rock shot through with early english punk and glam.


Sunday Music 7/8/12

The Quirks-Hey Girl
These guys were from Rochester and this song turned up on a comp a friend of mine gave me called Fine Studio Tapes. Good garage rock for a hot summer day.

Sunday Music 6/10/12

Ebonics-Rock & Roll/Partytime
Here are both songs from the A-Side of the Ebonics  single on Daggerman Records, which I think came out in 2010. These guys are/were from San Francisco, I never heard anything else by them. Sloppy, noisy, garage punk. Yeah, I know that’s a trite description, but it fits. This kind of shit doesn’t need to be over analyzed. [click on arrow below to play]

Sunday Music 3/25/12

The Original Three-This is the way I’m walking
This is from a 2005 album called Been Dealt a Losing Hand on Empty Records. I think they’re from the Memphis area and (CAUTION: falling names zone) The Black Lips, Alicja Trout, and Jay Reatard have something to do with this record [click on song title below to listen]
03 This Way Is The Way I’m Walking