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Music Business, August 8th, 1964

I found this a long time ago. I don’t have too much info on the magazine. It seems like a weekly music/radio trade magazine. Lots of Beatles stuff and cool ads. All the pages are scanned and at the end I blew up the Radio Exposure Chart pages.
Music Bus1
music bus2
music bus3
Music bus 4
Music bus5
Music bus 6
Music bus 7
Music bus 8
Music bus 9
Music bus 10
music bus 11
music bus 12
music bus 13
music bus 14
music bus 15
music bus 16music bus 17music bus 18music bus 19music bus 20music bus 21music bus 22music bus 23music bus 24music bus 25music bus 26music bus 27music bus 28music bus 29music bus 30music bus 31music bus 32

Music bus chart 1

Radio Exposure Chart pt1

music bus chart 2

Radio Exposure Chart pt2

music bus chart 3

Radio Exposure Chart pt3

music bus chart 4

Radio Exposure Chart pt4

music bus chart 5

Radio Exposure Chart pt5

The Beatles in America (1964)

Subtitled “Their Own Exclusive Story and Pictures” this was published in England by the Daily Mirror. [click on image to enlarge]
beatles america1beatles america2beatles america3beatles america4beatles america5beatles america6beatles america7beatles america8beatles america9beatles america10beatles america11 beatles america13-1beatles america14beatles america15beatles america16beatles america17beatles america18beatles america19beatles america20beatles america21beatles america22beatles america23beatles america24beatles america25beatles america26beatles america27beatles america28beatles america29

Teen Life, November 1966 (part 2)

Here’s some more from Teen Life. Come for the Troggs story, stay for the hippiest Raider (hint, it’s Phil Volk).  [click on image to enlarge]
teen life2:2teen life2:3teen life2:4teen life2:5teen life2:6
teen life2:7teen life2:8
teen life2:9teen life2:10teen life2:11teen life2:12teen life2:13teen life2:14teen life2:15teen life2:1


This was a few years ago when the cd business was in the midst of taking a nosedive. My boss wanted to diversify, more posters, rock trinkets, etc. We had a guy named Sol from Big Time Posters come by and see what he had. Now the poster business wasn’t in any great shape either, so it was two businesses in a downward spiral grasping at straws. Sol was stooped, late middle aged and pushy but he had little or no knowledge about the slop he was selling. It was weird and sadly funny like he was doing a performance piece. He was mainly pushing photographs of movie stars on wooden plaques. The kind of thing you might win at the boardwalk, if you weren’t lucky. First he kept calling Heath Ledger “Keith Ledger” and while I know that’s not a big deal, it was his blather that had me interested. “ya know the kids…they uh…go for this Keith Ledger guy…he was in that…uh Batman thing..he’s dead too…like uh…James Dean…I sell a lot of these”. He also had rock photos on plaques and referred to Led Zeppelin as “Len Zeppelin”, “Yeah..Len Zeppelin…the hard rock stuff is big…you guys sell albums…uh it’s a natural…these plaques are quality.” and he also had one for the Beatles, “yeah..the Beatles..everyone loves ‘em this is uh…from their movie..uh..a A Hard Not’s Not… A Hard Not’s Night…ah..ya know one of their movies…it was big.” It was like Dearth of a Salesman and we ended up buying nothing

which one is Len?

which one is Len?