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The saddest record I own

I have a lot of records. I have too many records and out of all the crap that I own this is the saddest one. Not in a Bonnie “Prince” Billy- I See a Darkness way but in a three legged dog, baby with a hair lip type way. Jolly Joe Koziol-The Best of Jolly Joe. To start with you have his name and the photo of him at a dresser with a reel to reel and an accordion, then you have the fan testimonial. But the heart punch comes at the bottom left, a dedication to his dead son “I sure do miss you Joey” and his photo on the record itself. Man, that’s pretty goddamned sad, the upbeat polka music just underlines the sadness.

Even more Polka

The covers of polka records released on Stella Records, never fail to please. Here’s another one, King Edward & the White Eagles. Notice the stickers on the back of the album, some referring to band members in the photos, while others are just names and instruments. Also two photos of “King Edward” one in all his kingly finery and one as just a polka serf.

More Polka

Found another polka record on Stella Records, The Gals In Pennsyltucky and It’s another great cover. The front has a bunch of corn fed dames in oddly cut shorts being entranced by the lug with the accordion, who I’m assuming is Walt Groller. The back has the winners of the “Stella Contest” while some illiterate delinquent writes on a wall with black chalk, “Evrybudy lovs Stella”

From My Collection

Found another polka album on the amazing Stella label, Accordion Polkas by Bernie Witkowski. Note the back cover, it looks like a refrigerator covered with one of those magnet poetry games.
The caption for the photo is:
“The Honorable Congressman Roman C. Pucinski (Democrat-11th District) of Illinois (center) is shown presenting an American flag that flew over the capitol in Washington to recently enshrined Polka Music Hall of Famer, Bernie Witkowski of New Jersey. This flag was donated as a patriotic gift on behalf of New Jersey’s pride and joy, the Honorable Congressman Henry Helstoki- the Democratic Congressman from the Garden State NJ.   Standing near microphone (on left) is the energetic President of the IPA, Leon Kozicki, who presented a plaque and diamond studded lapel pin to the “King of Polka Kings” BERNIE WITKOWSKI”

From My Collection

Some of the best DIY covers are found in the Polka section. The “can-do” attitude of early punk rock run through the soul of middle aged eastern european immigrants. Here are a couple from Stanky and his Pennsylvania Coal Miners, released on Stella Records (Hillside N.J.).