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Graphis Posters 75 (part 3)

…and some more posters from Graphis Posters 75    [click on image to enlarge]

India-Suresh Sheth

India-Suresh Sheth

North Viet Nam-Tran Nguyen Dan

Poland-Wiktor Gorka

UK-Oscar Zarate

Italy-Ettore Vitale

USA-Marshall Arisman

USA-Seymour Chwast

USA-Chris Blum

Netherlands-Hans Versteeg

USA-Milton Glaser

USA-John J Sorbie

Switzerland-Werner Jeker




Graphis Posters 75 (part 2)

More stuff from Graphis Posters 75[click on image to enlarge]

Poland-FVB Starowieyski

Poland-FVB Starowieyski

UK-John Carrod

Germany-Christof Gassner

USA-Gary Goldstein

Japan-no info, for Parco dept. store

Japan-Otaro Tomoeda

USA-Lanny Sommese

Hungary-Tibor Helenyi

Switzerland-Werner Jeker

USA-Tadanori Yokoo


Graphis Posters 75 (part 1)

This is from a trade book collecting posters (advertising, political, social, decorative) that was published in 1975. Most of these posters seem to be from ’74 or ’73. [click on image to enlarge]

Poland-Franciszek Starowieyski

USA-Lanny Sommese

Germany-Bruno K Weise

Germany-Gerd Grimm

USA- John & Barbara Casado

USA-John & Barbara Casado

Italy-Paul Peter Piech

Germany-Holger Matthies

Germany-Sybille Knels, Dietz Ralle

Germany-Ideelismus GmbH

Japan-Tadanori Yokoo

Hungary-Tibor Helenyi

USA-Thomas Wood


Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.3

Here’s a third installment from Graphis Annual 57/58. This was a really good year for advertising art and there’s a lot I didn’t get to. I may have to come back to it. [Click on Image to enlarge]

Walter Sigg / Switzerland

Raymond Savignac / usa

Raymond Savignac / UK

Naiad Einsel / USA

Hirochi Ohchi / Japan

Tom Eckersly / UK

Sine / France

Fred Murer / Switzerland

Waldemar Swierzy / Poland

Leo Longanes / Italy

Herbert Leupin / Switzerland

Andreas His / Switzerland

Jerome Kuhl / USA

Andre Francois / France

Yusaka Kamekura / Japan

Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.2

Here’s some more from the Graphis Annual 57/58. Also the country listed next to the artist is where the ad was run not the nationality of the artist. [click on image to enlarge]

Ludwig Bemelmans-USA

Tadao Udihara-japan

Julian Key-Belgium

Sikker Hansen-Denmark

Ronald Searle-UK

Paul Rand-USA

Joan Jordan-Denmark


Herbert Leupin-Switzerland

Fix-Masseau, France

Herbert Leupin-Italy


Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.1

Here is another batch of international advertising and poster art from the book Graphis Annual 57/58. [click on image to enlarge]

G. Kieser/H. Michel-Germany

Henri Steiner-Switzerland

S. Polichek, G. Gersten-USA

Isi Nishijima-Japan

Tadao Udihara-Japan

Tadashi Ohashi-Japan

Yusaku Kamekura-Japan

Yusaku Kamekura-Japan

Bernard Villemot-France

Jacques Nathan-France



Graphis Annual ’61/62 pt.2

More stuff from the 1961-62 edition [click on image to enlarge]



USA (Milton Glazer)

Japan (box for rice cakes)

Japan (dried seaweed can)



UK (Ronald Searle)



USA (Seymour Chwast)

Graphis Annual ’61/62. Pt.1

This is from an international advertising and packaging annual. These books used to be pretty cheap but now even the beat up ones are kind of pricey. Man, I could look at this stuff all day. [click on image to enlarge]








USA (Saul Bass)