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Sunday Music 6/28/15

Action Swingers-Bum My Trip

The Action Swingers were a criminally overlooked outfit who combined the best aspects of garage punk (with the emphasis on punk) with the bludgeoning repetitive nihilism of noisier outfits like the Brain Bombs. Ned Hayden and ever his changing lineup of co-conspirators made some great music that seems like a blueprint for the kind of stuff that labels like Goner Records are releasing today.  Their 1994 album Quit While You’re Ahead has just been re-issued by In the Red, it collects a couple of early singles and some unreleased stuff.


Sunday Music 7/27/14

Zig Zags- Down The Drain
This is from the great self titled album these guys released this year on In The Red. Big Dumb Rock, that’s really big and not so dumb.


Sunday Music, 12/22/13

Cheap Time-Slow Variety
In a year of great albums, Tennessee trio Cheap Time and their newest album Exit Smiles (In The Red records) might have slipped through the cracks. This could slot in nicely with what’s going on out in San Francisco (Ty Segall, Oh Sees, etc). Garage rock shot through with early english punk and glam.


Sunday Music 5/22/2011

Johnny Hash-Summer of Cum
Johnny Hash was a two piece band that was a side project of a side project. Featuring Dan Brown & Marty Moore from the Screws, who were a side project from Mick Collins (Dirtbombs) and Terri Wahl (Red Aunts). Johnny Hash’s lineage is very convoluted and slightly boring, the kind of rabbit hole mutant bullshit that losers like me dig. Anyhow, this is from a single they did in 2001 on In The Red, I think it’s still in print . (to play, click on song title in blue)

Summer of cum