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creepy album covers, 38 Special

38 Special and their brand of radio friendly southern rock were staples on the music scene in the 1980’s. Their fourth album, Wild Eyed Southern Boys (1981) featuring the hit “Hold on Loosely” has kind of a creepy cover. Outside of the good ol’ boy gauntlet that the woman entering the club has to go thru, check out the guy on the left. He isn’t acting like a good time charlie or ogling the woman, he’s staring like a serial killer/drifter. What’s odd and creepy is that this is painted it’s not a candid photograph, so it was intended to look this way.[click on image to enlarge]
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Fabian 16 Greatest Hits

Got in a copy of this record a few days ago and I really don’t know what the hell is going on with the cover. Look at his head! The illustration is by Dave McMackan
2 fabian
fabian 2A

Still More Polka Record Covers

I found a Stella Records insert in one of the polka records we just got in. Some of the greatest, most primitive record covers come from this company. The thing that amazes me about the Stella album covers is that lot of these look like one offs by people who had never seen album art before. These are detail scans of a B&W insert, so the quality is not great but well worth a look. [Click on image to enlarge]

Sha Na Na: From the Streets of New York

Sha Na Na was (still is?) an oldies “When rock was fun” band. They played Woodstock and had their own TV show. This is the cover from one of their records From The Streets of New York, it’s pretty odd [click on image to enlarge]

at first glance it just looks dumb, but…