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Sunday Music 4/21/13

Tyvek-Frustration Rock
I know I’ve blathered about these guys in the past but I can’t emphasize enough how great they are. Reminiscent of The Fall, Swell Maps, and Wire (Yes! All of them!). Go out and buy all of their albums. This is from the 2011 singles collection Fast Metabolism [to listen, click on arrow thing below]


Not That You Asked (best of 2012)

By law everyone who works in a record store has to post a year end “best of” list. If one has a blog AND works in a record store failure to comply results in stiff penalties including death or mainstream acceptance of your favorite bands (look it up, it’s true). So as a law abiding citizen here it is: (…drum roll…)
1) Tyvek-On Triple Beams (In The Red)
Third Great album from these guys, like an American version of the Swell Maps. If that means nothing to you hopefully this clip will load and you can check them out and then maybe check out the Swell Maps, but buy the Tyvek records first.

2)Ty Segall/White Fence-Hair (Drag City)
Ty Segall put out three different records this year. They’re all real good, I’m just listening to this one as I’m making the list. It’s a collaboration with White Fence aka Tim Presley, whose albums Family Perfume Vol 1 & 2 should be heard as well

3)Kadavar-Kadavar (Tee-Pee) German Sabbath heads who look like they were flash frozen in 1972. Really heavy but not leaden and the last song sounds like Sabbath doing Hawkwind (which I couldn’t find a clip of)

Here’s the rest of the list, I probably forgot some.(NOT IN ANY ORDER)

Cheap Time-Wallpaper Music (In The Red)

Goat-World Music (Rocket)

Moon Duo-Circles (Sacred Bones)

Dr. John-Locked Down (Nonesuch)

Unnatural Helpers-Land Grab (Hardly Art)

Ty Segall-Twins (Drag City)

Ty Segall Band-Slaughterhouse (In The Red)

Mark Lanegan Band-Blues Funeral (4AD)

Flatlanders-Odessa Tapes (New West)

Carlton Melton-Photos of Photos (Agitated)

Sunday Music 4/1/12

Tyvek-Underwater 2
These guys are from Detroit and this is from their 2010 album Nothing Fits on In the Red records. Good stuff, parts of It remind me of a more rockin’ version of Wire’s first album. [to listen, click on arrow icon below]