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Sticky Fingers, personalized

We got in a record collection a little while ago and in it was a trashed copy of Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers that was drawn on. I dig it because it captures some great 1970’s stoned teenager art [click on image to enlarge]

Teen Life, November 1966 (part 2)

Here’s some more from Teen Life. Come for the Troggs story, stay for the hippiest Raider (hint, it’s Phil Volk).  [click on image to enlarge]
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Sunday Music: 7/22/12

Lord Sitar-Have you see your mother baby?
Lord Sitar aka Big Jim Sullivan aka James George Tomkins. He was an english session musician. I have no idea of the original release date of this Rolling Stones cover. I found it on the CD Mind Expanders vol.1 (2009, Past & Present records) (click on arrow below to listen)

LP Inserts 2

Some more inserts I found in trashed records. I’m not an english scholar but shouldn’t it be “211 Reasons Why The Rolling Stones ARE The Greatest Rock and Roll Band”: [click on image to enlarge]