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Better Than Nothing (barely)

1)I was woken up yesterday morning by Lucy barking. It wasn’t the usual “ROWWT ROWWT ROWWT” She was rolling her R’s so it sounded like a dog child (not a puppy, a child with a dogs head or vice versa) trying to sing the beginning of The Fall’s Rowche Rumble.(for indisputable audio corroboration click on blue link below)


Luce E. Smith

Luce E. Smith

2) Found this record a while ago, thought it was pretty cool. It’s a Columbia Masterworks Lp that I think is from the 1950’s. I don’t know who the artist is (click on image to enlarge)
sinbad 1
sinbad 23) Found this in a beat up copy of Peter Frampton-I’m In You (Click on image to enlarge)

Frampt 1Frampt 2Frampt 3Frampt 4Frampt 5

Sunday Music 4/21/13

Tyvek-Frustration Rock
I know I’ve blathered about these guys in the past but I can’t emphasize enough how great they are. Reminiscent of The Fall, Swell Maps, and Wire (Yes! All of them!). Go out and buy all of their albums. This is from the 2011 singles collection Fast Metabolism [to listen, click on arrow thing below]


Notes From Das Boot 61

12/8/09, Manchester England
Day off in Manchester, spent most of the day looking for The Fall/Mark E. Smith museum. I could not find it, I guess the directions were bad. However I did find the Tomb of the Unknown Fall Member. Since The Fall started in 1976 over 2,300 people have played in the band. Some of them are nameless and this monument salutes them.
Our bus parked outside the place where we’re playing tomorrow and we heard Echo and the Bunnymen sound checking for a show tonight. I had heard there had been some lean years for them. First “Echo” was retired so it was just “and The Bunnymen”, then other band members passed away or quit, so for a few years it was just “The Bunnyman” doing solo acoustic nights at coffee shops and open mike nights. From the thunderous rock coming out of The Academy, it seems like Echo and The Bunnymen are back up to speed. As they say over here “Good on you mate”, or “On yer Bike”, or “Fancy a boiled steak and a jacket potato, guv’ner?”
(Author’s Disclaimer: The first two musical related items in todays blog, might be a little esoteric to the general public who are used to my rapier like everyday tales of foibles, and follies that befall yours truly. Please remember that I am a forty seven year old man. who works in a record store, has a big record collection and an understanding wife. So dopey riffs on The Fall and Echo & the Bunnymen amuse me. The last part with the english “slang” is just asinine and I probably should have workshopped it, although in my defense “blog writers” workshops are not that easy to find on the road. Maybe if there was a Blogwriters Anonymous (B.A.) out there, that would be helpful. Looking back on what I’ve just written, I realize that should have been workshopped as well)
(Author’s Disclaimer Disclaimer: Please ignore that last disclaimer, in fact ignore this blog entirely, all of it. I thank you)