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Sunday Music 3/22/15

Roky Erickson-The Singing Grandfather

From what I’ve read this is from a collection of songs that were recorded at a Holiday Inn on a cheap tape recorder, just Roky and an acoustic guitar. I have it on a cd called Click Your Fingers Applauding the Play, I’ve also seen it on The Holiday Inn Tapes


Sunday Music 3/15/15

W.I.T.C.H-Like a Chicken

This is from Zamrock pioneers W.I.T.C.H (We Intend To Cause Havoc) from their 1973 album Introduction. A few of their things have been reissued by Now-Again Records


Sunday Music 1/25/15

Scientists-When Fate Deals it’s Mortal Blow

This is from Sedition (ATP 2007) a live recording from a 2006 reunion show in the U.K.  It kind of slipped under the radar but it’s well worth picking up


Sunday Music 1/18/15

B.A.L.L.-When is a Man
B.A.L.L. was an amazing underheard band that was on the Shimmy Disc label. Consisting of Don Fleming, Kramer, David Licht and Jay Spiegel. Short noisy songs with a propulsive two drummer attack, they shared members with the more well known Bongwater. This is from their second album Bird (1988) and is also collected on the CD Bird/Period combining their first two albums


Sunday Music 1/11/15

Billy Gibbons-Oh Well

This Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era) cover is from a Billy Gibbons/Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy single (Drag City, 2012)
(please note: I recorded this from a single and upon re-listening I notice a slight skip or two)


Sunday Music 1/4/15

Sleepy John Estes-Liquor Store Blues

John Adams Estes (1899-1977), not sure where this song is from


creepy album covers, 38 Special

38 Special and their brand of radio friendly southern rock were staples on the music scene in the 1980’s. Their fourth album, Wild Eyed Southern Boys (1981) featuring the hit “Hold on Loosely” has kind of a creepy cover. Outside of the good ol’ boy gauntlet that the woman entering the club has to go thru, check out the guy on the left. He isn’t acting like a good time charlie or ogling the woman, he’s staring like a serial killer/drifter. What’s odd and creepy is that this is painted it’s not a candid photograph, so it was intended to look this way.[click on image to enlarge]
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