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I Hate Me, 318,993

This one is pretty slight:
Being fifty one (Fifty Won-derful or Fifty One foot in the grave, depending on the day*), I have the worries of a normal person. Work, bills, family, the imminent destruction of  mankind by our own hand, The Mets, etc. but I also have problems that I thought I would have (read: should have) left in my childhood. Example, I got a great fEEDTIME sticker from Sub-Pop when I bought their box set. I was such a mutant that even though I work in a proper record store (suit and tie required) I ordered it directly from Sub-Pop, so I knew I would get it in case it sold out, because you know how great the interest would be in a box set for an old Australian band that 99.99 percent of the country never heard of (their loss). Anyhow, this sticker is great but I only got one and I still haven’t put it on anything. Do I put it on my car? I’m gonna eventually get rid of that car and then what. No sticker, that’s what. I have a binder that I have all my band’s lyrics in, there’s a lot of cool stickers on that but it’s kind getting beat up, do I put it on there and then when I need a new binder carefully cut out the fEEDTIME sticker and tape it to the new binder? I don’t know, it’s vexing. So there it sits in a shoebox next to my checkbook and couple of hard drives. Maybe somebody can affix it to my coffin.

*I don’t know if I used this puckish description of my age before, if so I apologize.
Sincerely, Creeping Senility 

it is a good looking sticker

it is a good looking sticker

fEEDTIME: Waterfront Records, Sydney 10/4/86, part 4

Man, I waited a long time to see fEEDTIME and I was finally lucky enough to see them at Maxwells last night. Well worth the wait and they were nice guys to boot. Here’s a few more from the tape of a show they did in 1986. Thanks again to Pat for letting me digitize it. If you’re a fan of fEEDTIME I’m sure you know about the amazing box set that Sub-Pop just released [to listen, click on song title]
Gun ’em Down
31 Nobody’s Fault but Mine
17 Mother

fEEDTIME : Waterfront Records,Sydney 10/4/86, pt.3

A couple of people asked for more of the fEEDTIME show. Here’s a couple more. Christ, these guys were great. I hope their reunion shows make it out here. (to listen, click on song title)

32 Fastbuck

21 Rock & Roll

fEEDTIME: Waterfront Records, Sydney 10/4/86. Part 2

Here’s a couple of more from the live fEEDTIME tape. Here’s a link to a good interview with them from Vice

[to listen to songs click on song titles]

Southside Johnny

06 More Than Love

fEEDTIME : Waterfront Records,Sydney 10/4/86

I’ve blathered before about fEEDTIME; Australian, primitive, great.  Thanks a lot to Pat for a tape of fEEDTIME live from Waterfront Records in Sydney 10/4/86.  Here’s a couple of songs from it.  From what I hear,Sub Pop is supposed to release some sort of comp soon and S-S Records is supposed to put out a vinyl only rarities collection. Yahoo. (To listen to songs click on song title in blue)

18 Shovel

26 We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Sunday Music 5/29/2011


fEEDTIME is one of my favorite bands ever, loud and primitive. Their bio says they were around from 1979 although I didn’t hear them until the mid 80’s. A friend of mine told me that they reformed and just played San Francisco, I hope it wasn’t a one off. This is the title track from the 1986 album Shovel   (to listen, click on  08 shovel  below)

08 shovel


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