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Album Inserts: more metal and other stuff

Anything I’ve been writing lately is shit and not worth posting. In the meantime here are some more album inserts [click on image to enlarge]
Scan slayer 1 2Scan slayer 2 2Scan combat 9Scan mailorder1 2Scan mailorder 2 2Scan trex14Scan barrywhite 2 Scan kissvid1 2Scan kissvid 2 2Scan paul young 2

Album Inserts, mostly metal



a few more album inserts, mail order stuff (click on image to enlarge)
Scan 10
Scan 9Scan 11Scan 12Scan 13

I Hate Me, part 401,731

Cold, dead night at work. I’m at the back counter pricing records. Family comes in, middle aged parents and their son who’s really big (not just chunky but tall). The kid is looking at records, father is just staring at me pricing records:
Can I help you, need any help finding anything?
Soooooooo….. records are making a comeback
That’s what they tell me
………..Tell ya what I’m looking for…..I like songs from the 50’s and 60’s……….but I don’t know the artists…or the songs…I just hear stuff on the oldies station….do they make any thing that has a bunch of old songs on it?
Yup, we have a bunch of oldies comps, let me show you
[I showed him where the oldies comps are, he’s happy. five minutes later back at the counter, pointing at his kid who’s still looking at used records]
How old you think my kid is?
….I don’t know man
No, really…how old
…I’m not good at guessing ages
…No idea…nine
Nope..he’s fourteen
…yeah, big kid
yeah…everyone thinks he older
…or younger
The only ones who get it right are his teachers
Well, that’s sort of their job to know that stuff
[Then I was saved by a phone call]

(So this isn’t a total loss, here are some more inserts. My favorite stuff is the ELP Love Beach gear, CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE)
Scan 9
Scan 10
Scan 11
Scan 3
Scan 7
Scan 14

Album Inserts: Mostly Bee Gees edition

A few more inserts found in trashed LP’s at work, most of these are Bee Gees related [click on image to enlarge]
inserts bege3

Still More Album Inserts

Here’s a bunch more stuff that I found inside trashed albums[click on image to enlarge]:

More album inserts and stuff


Here’s another batch of stuff that was found inside record albums that were too beat to sell [click on image to enlarge]

Kinks concert program, 1983 (this and next five images)

authenticity certificate, front

Authenticity certificate, back

KC & the Sunshine Band, fan club offer, 1/3

KC & the Sunshine Band, fan club offer, 2/3

KC & the Sunshine Band, fan club offer, 3/3

Atlantic Soul sampler offer, front

Atlantic Soul sampler offer, back

Newspaper ad for the El Greco

Foreign Study League

Skynyrd merch offer from Street Survivors album, (after the plane crash), top

Skynyrd merch offer from Street Survivors album, (after the plane crash), bottom

LP inserts

If a record is too trashed to sell, sometimes there’s a paper insert. I saved the more interesting ones. (click on images to enlarge)