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I hate me , part 884,907

End of the day closing. We made the announcements, closing in 10 minutes…closing in 5..we’re closed. The last people, a middle aged couple, headed up front with nothing. Then they saw a rack of Jack’s Music shirts. the guy (who was looking at the shirts) was roughly my size, XXL.

(holds up shirt to show his wife) I think I can fit into a large

…I don’t know…are you sure?…maybe something….bigger?

Nah, I got this…(looks at the shirt again)…you think something bigger?


(He holds up an XL)…this’ll be good, right?

It’s now about five minutes after we closed, and there is no way that this guy is fitting into an XL, so I piped in.

“Look man, we’re about the same size and I’m wearing a XXL of that shirt, they fit good.”

He looked me up and down, made a lemon face

…yeah…I think I’m gonna go with the XL

He finally headed to the counter, as he was getting rung up

…maybe I’ll try this on…just to make sure it fits (looks at his wife)…right?

He wore a polo shirt and he tried to put the t-shirt over that. It didn’t go well and I’m thinking “if the shirt doesn’t fit, you must acquit”, after a long minute of shirt wrestling, he admitted defeat and bought the XXL. And the long national nightmare was over

Notes From Das Boot 39

motley 16/29/09 Rockwave Festival, Athens
The festival got rained out which sucked as we were there setting up our shit, so it was kind of like a snow day but not entirely. Even Motley Crue’s dressing rooms were sad, so sad it looked like they were crying. Or maybe they were crying for joy.

Notes From Das Boot 38

6/30/09, home
The nine hour flight from Greece turned out to be twelve, and I’ve been up 23 hours. I got nothin’, good night.

Notes From Das Boot 37

A quick note on “Carpenters”
There’s a thing unique to Germany (well there’s a lot but I’m picking one) called “The Carpenters”. This may sound like bullshit but it’s true, at least it’s the way I heard it. An old tradition says that people who wish to join the Carpenters Guild must travel the land for three years, never going to their home town, never paying for travel or room. They also have their own uniform (pictured). To me it seems like a professional hobo club, but these guys (and some ladies) are really well respected throughout the country and are pretty much beyond reproach. Like a human version of India’s sacred cows. Our tour manager who’s german and rarely has a kind word for anyone loves them. A few came to a couple of shows and while this small portion is by no means a fair representation of the whole, they were kind of dicks, self righteous and full of shit. Backstage after the show, drinking our beer and eating our food, “Well you, … you do this for money (chomp, chomp, chomp), we…we’re better than that (glug, glug, glug)…unlike you…we care about the spirit…we’re not materialistic…Do you have any apples?”. They wander germany, beware.

not a weird Mod revival

not a weird Mod revival

Notes From Das Boot 36

6/29/09 Athens, Greece
Today was a fly day and at the airport we bid farewell to Paco/Flaco our merch guy, sometimes tour manager and all around good guy, we also bid farewell to Peter our bus driver who was a great driver and had the best coffee machine on any bus ever. We drank a lot of coffee on the bus and it was all great, which is no mean feat. The flight on Olympic Air was ok, saw an episode of Frasier in greek ( the original language of the show, the U.S got a dubbed version) and seeing all that pithy humor in the language it was meant to be in was a revelation. We’re staying at a really really nice hotel, much nicer than we deserve. There’s a rooftop bar and an odder collection of band & crew I don’t think I’ve ever seen, Dinosaur Jr., Tricky, and Saxon we all up there drinking. the first day of the Rockwave Festival got canceled because of rainstorms. Actually it was a combination of rainstorms and little or no roofs over the stages which led to a lot of damages to generators, P.A.’s, and gear. Hopefully there’ll be a show tomorrow. Tried some really good baked feta cheese and I realized I don’t hate black olives (it was never a racist thing).

Notes From Das Boot 35



6/27/09 Graspop Festival, Dessel Belgium
Even though the fest was extremely dude-ish and smell-ish there were a couple of high points. Mastodon was pretty great and I was psyched that I got to see Wolves in the Throne Room who did not disappoint. There, I liked something. Go to hell. Flying to Athens tomorrow morning, last show on Monday. Yahoo.

Notes From Das Boot 34

The Master Blaster

The Master Blaster

6/27/09 Dessel Belgium, Graspop Festival
I think Graspop is Flemish for Dudefest, it’s a sea of dudes in black and stink a mile wide. The drive from Borlange to Dessel wasn’t 24 hours as expected but 25, boo-fucking-hoo. Wow, I really ain’t got shit today. So as special boredom bonus, a picture of an Asian bar with a cool name from Wurzburg. Enjoy!