I hate me part 548,444

I hate me part 548,444

I was walking the dog (aka: Lady Sniff), I had a plastic bag for her leavings. After a few blocks when the bag was filled, an elderly couple stopped their car to let us cross the street. It was a nice gesture and I waved thanks. The hand I waved with was also the hand that held the bag of dog shit. The looks on their faces went from “what a nice man and his cute dog” to “why is that tattooed miscreant waving a bag of dog shit at us?!”. I noticed this, made an exaggerated “sorry!” face, switched the bag to the leash hand and waved again, I got stony looks and flying gravel as they sped off.

I didn't want to post a photo of dog shit, so here's a stereo attacking a woman

I didn’t want to post a photo of dog shit, so here’s a stereo attacking a woman

  1. They should be glad that you are picking up Lucy’s Leavings! FUCK THEM if they can’t appreciate the fact that YOU WERE SHOWING THEM PROOF THAT YOU ARE A CONSCIENTIOUS PET OWNER!
    BTW- where were you walking that they could spray you with gravel; Utah?!?

  2. …next time…place the bag of crap on the car hood….wave…retrieve bag….they’ll make the same faces, but this time it’s personal….

  3. When Brooklyn was a puppy, she literally chewed through about $1000 in furniture. One day, a strip of rug was missing, and I’m like, doggy, I hope you digest that, because I’m not paying the vet to remove that thing.
    Two days later, I was walking her with bag and she started to do #2. She squatted for about a minute, with eyes bulging. Then about 4 of that ten inches of carpet started to pass, then 5. She couldn’t get it out, so bag covering hand, I pulled it out. The moment I did that, the most excruciating expression of pain was on her face.
    Never chewed carpet since.

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