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U.S. Camera 1956 (the ads)

Here are a bunch of ads from the 1956 annual roundup of photo-journalism and art photography published by U.S. Camera Publishing [Click on image to enlarge].
I’ve been going to Asbury Park since I was a little kid. My parents used to take my brother and I to the boardwalk or the boat show. It’s gone through a lot of cataclysmic changes, some good most not. My friend Sara has taken a lot of photos of Asbury for over a decade, giving witness to it’s greatest upheaval. Like all upheavals, it’s beautiful and ugly. Her photos capture that and more. She’s having a show 9/16/12 at the Hotel Tides (info click on facebook link below)

British Journal of Photography Annual 1968

I found this book a long time ago and bought it to get images for show fliers. The photography is as interesting and good as you’d expect in a collection but what I really dig on are the old ads for cameras and photographic equipment. I know at best this is a niche interest but… [click on image to enlarge]