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REPRINT: The Cookie Puss by Ayn Rand

I’m working every day this week, so I’ll start off the week with a reprint:

A recently discovered manuscript by Ayn Rand is a fictional retelling of the Tom Carvel story. In this brief selection Worthington Toomus an ice cream reviewer for the New York Times is in the office of Francine Dominique another ice cream reviewer also from the New York Times.

She stood near the window looking out over the vast city, she said: “You’ve never actually done anything against Carvel, have you?” “Oh, my dear. Haven’t I” he replied. “Well you never mentioned him in your column.” “That my dear is what I’ve done against him.” “When did you first hear of him?” “When I first saw the design for Fudgie the Whale, and you?” “When I saw an early sketch for Cookie Puss.” “Not before?” “Not before.” She nodded towards the bright point of her cigarette reflection. And Toomus said softly “Look at it, Cookie Puss. A sublime achievement isn’t it? A heroic achievement. Think of the hundreds who worked to create this and the thousands who will profit by it.” His voice rose “Soft serve ice cream and frozen ice cream cake, society should shun such a free thinker, such an egoist. I shall crush mister Tom Carvel.”

Visionary? Egoist?