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I Hate Me, part 288,092/I LIKE RECORDS 64

Older guy came in. Long coat, sandals with black socks and a newsboy cap.
Guy-I’m lookin’ for magic music…you know for when a magic trick is happening…mmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM! Classical stuff, longhair stuff.
Me-Violin? Harp?…maybe Theremin?
Me-Well we really don’t carry any magic specific music
Guy-Really? That’s odd.
Me- Are you sure it’s not a Theremin?
Guy-What’s that?
Me-It’s a small box with two antennas ..and..uh…
[And here I went all “jazz hands” playing a phantom theremin and making a “WEEEeeee OOOOOOhhhhhh WEeeee OOOoooHHHH” sound]
Guy-(taken aback) No….no…no…nothing…nothing like that…
Me- Are ya sure?
Guy- (as he was fleeing)…yes…yes I’m sure

not me and not a particularly good photo of jazz hands but you should get the point

a theremin, jazz hands don't enhance the experience