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I Hate Me, part 293,341

How long is the half life on embarrassment? I went in to Starbucks and ordered a tall red eye (translation: a small coffee with a shot of espresso added). I go in there a lot so they know my name which is fine but lately all the baristas have name tags and not printed out name tags, they look like tiny chalk boards with their names scrawled on them. They are pretty hard to read and I am terrible at names. And it’s creepy to stare at a name tag on someones chest, a person whose name I probably should know by now. So I’m a little uncomfortable with that. Anyhow, I make non-specific small talk and move to the end of the line and wait. I got a couple of what I thought were strange looks from the baristas which I chalked up to me being paranoid or my hair which has taken on decidedly mad scientist look when not properly combed (which is often). I got my coffee and was headed back to work. There’s a guy who sits out in front of Starbucks and solicits money for various causes, he’s a nice enough guy and when I have a little extra cash I’ll give a donation and we’ll exchange pleasantries.
Guy- Hey..uh you got something…your..uh your nose, man..take care of it.
Me- (aaugh!) hehheh… thanks…yeah a bat in the batcave…uuhhhhh….
I pulled out a tissue and went over to a nearby abandoned storefront to see what kind of horror was sticking out of my nose…and Oh My God, it looked like a nose version of the chestburster from the movie Alien. I had this fucking monstrosity sticking out of my nose the entire time I was in Starbucks, I’m figuring at least a week before I can go back.

Think of this slightly smaller and coming out of my nose

Think of this slightly smaller and coming out of my nose

I Hate Me, part 106,551

I was late for work and ran into Starbucks for a coffee, it was a short but terrible line:
“What kind of vanilla syrup do you use?”, “How large is the tall, REALLY?”, “Do you know how many Starbucks are in Howell? I’m from there.” And one of the registers was out of commission, there was a person crouched on the floor behind the counter working on it. When it was my turn at bat the barista apologized for the delay, I cracked “You guys must be really short handed today, you have children working” indicating the guy behind the counter working on the register. It was an innocuous comment, just light small talk. There was nervous laughter from the barista and then the guy working on the register got up, glaring, and he was really short, not midget (or “little person”) sized but well under five feet tall. I’m sure he must have heard “child sized” all his adult life and now from a giant goon like myself. I stared at the ground, muttered some unintelligible bullshit, grabbed my coffee and over tipped.

I Hate Me, Part 264,002

I went into Starbucks a couple of days ago. It was cold, I was creaky and miserable*. As I was slouching towards the counter a woman jumped in front of me and brandished her smart phone towards the barista
Woman: Scan this, I get a free drink, I want a Trenta green tea…iced.
She was holding her phone rather shakily and the barista had problems scanning her phone coupon. It was like they were doing a secret handshake.
Barista: I’m sorry, it’s not coming up for a free drink.
Woman: Hmmm…Try it again…I don’t care, I’ll pay but scan it again.
And again there was the shaky hand jive while the phone coupon was scanned. I was dying, I really needed a coffee (tall dark roast, red eye). I just stared off into space while slowly losing the will to live
Barista: No, I’m sorry a free coffee didn’t come up.
Woman: (heavy sigh) Oh well…I’ll take the tea anyway…and these bananas, do you have any others…these are kind of …googy
As she said the last part, she looked over to me with an eye roll, trying to get some customer solidarity. I wanted no part of it, what I wanted was a goddamned coffee.The bananas looked fine, if they’re not visibly rotting and covered in fruit flies then there’s no reason to complain. And what the fuck does “googy”** mean? The barista brought out another two bananas that looked just like the four that where already there.
Woman: Oh yes, these are much better…those were terrible.
I finally got my coffee, and it was the best coffee ever. (Note: I know that ending was kind of weak but that’s how it happened)

* “Creaky and Miserable” is also the name of my Black Flag cover band

**She might have meant “Arthur Googy” ex Misfits drummer, who actually looked more like a plantain than a banana

also selling "googy" bananas

also selling “googy” bananas


I Hate Me, part 247,109

I went to Starbucks last week to get a coffee, I ended up ordering a double espresso or “Doppio” as they are called. I’m kind of torn on that word. On the one hand it sounds kind of pretentious and highfalutin, on the other hand it’s kind of fun to say. I feel like a minor character in an opera and that’s my only line, it feels like it could be sung “Doppiooooooo!” Of course I’m not the type of person who could pull that off in a place I go to often. If I did sing the order I would have to tip heavily. I placed my order (non-singing), there was only one other person in the store and when their order came up, something along the lines of “Iced grande vanilla latte, half caf, with a shot of caramel and extra ice”, the woman asked the barrister, “Is that my order?” and then repeated back was was just said. Of course this annoyed me, I’m thinking “Do you really think that the only other person in the store order the exact same extremely personalized drink as you, Christ.” She left, I’m staring off into space still amazed/annoyed and I notice the small espresso cup placed in front of me. Now, I’m the only goddamned customer in the store and yet I heard myself instinctively ask,“Is this my doppio?”. Aauuughhh!

try singing it

I Hate Me, Part 105,531

I went to Starbucks and while I was waiting in line minding my own business and staring off into space I noticed the woman in front of me. She had low cut jeans and a short jacket so a strip of her skin was showing. The skin was so oddly tanned, kind of an orange color that I had to look twice to figure out belt or skin. Of course the very moment I looked closer she turned around and gave me a dirty look. What could I say, “I wasn’t looking at your ass, I was looking at your oddly tanned skin”? Of course not, I just stood there and turned beet red and hoped that either the line would speed up or a car would drive through the window. Neither happened.

I Hate Me, part 235,910

I snuck out of work to run an errand, when I got back I thought I could push it a little further and get a cup of coffee before actually going back to work. I got to Starbucks, there was one woman ahead of me, great (non-sarcastic). She had an egg salad sandwich that she was studying a little too intently. She got the attention of the girl behind the counter:
– I’ll Take this egg salad sandwich…is it fresh?
+ Yes it is (rings it up)
– …and I want a cappuccino
+ A cappuccino? What size?
– A latte…I want a latte
+ Ok, what size?
– Medium….but I want a cup of ice with it…sometimes they get too hot
+ We could make you an iced latte
– Noooooo….they’re too cold….I want it…..I want it…just right.
+ Ok
– ..and those cinnamon rolls… are they fresh?
+ Yes they are
– Today fresh?
+ Yes they are
– Are you sure of that?
+ Yes I am
– …And I want it heated…but not too hot…Do you have a proper oven?…and I dooon’t think I want this egg salad sandwich anymore….mmm….just what’s in a latte?
+ Espresso topped with steamed milk and foam
– …And ice, which I’ll add…mmm…make it a smalllllll…mmm…instead of a medium…what’s the difference in sizes between the small and the medium…
+ (shows the two cups) This is the Tall which is our small and this is the Grande which is our medium
– So…Tall is small…Tall is small…mmmm…and..uh…mmmm…
By this time my mind had completely shut off and I lost track of time, I eventually got my coffee.

I Hate Me, Part 272

I went to Starbucks to get an iced coffee, and there were these two complete douchebags (or d-bags, why is it never douche-b?) standing right behind me:
Woman (on cell phone)“Well, let me speak to her…We’re on line now!….I don’t know what she wants…LET ME SPEAK TO HER!…she what?….she’s texting me the order now?… me…let me..LETMESPEAKTOHER!…..Thank God…now what do you want?…waitwaitwait…a what…a mochawhat?…I don’t know a mocha…here, talk to the girl…I don’t know anything about Starbucks. (Thrusting the phone towards the woman behind the counter) My friend will tell you what she wants…a mocha something…I don’t know…I usually don’t order coffee…or go to Starbucks….I don’t know how to order anything here. (to guy she’s with) How would I know how to order it? I mean…”
Guy” And there’s different sizes.”
Woman”I know, what’s with that?”
I have little to no faith in the future of our species.