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I Hate Me, part 331,659

I was at work it was early evening and kind of busy. There was a large herd of teenagers moping around the store.  A kid broke away from the herd,
“hey, where’s the bathroom?”
The sink wasn’t draining right, so we were telling people it was broken.
“sorry, it’s not working…Star Wars on the corner has one”
Did I just fucking say Star Wars instead of Starbucks, aaaaauuuugggghhhhh!
“Star Wars?”
“uh….yeah….that’s what uh…that’s what uh we call Starbucks….and they got a bathroom.”
The kid looked perplexed and left and I googled “dementia”.

Lucas makes changes to Star Wars yet again.

A&P Press, Roy Staiger

LucasFilms has confirmed rumors that changes will be made to the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” on Blu-Ray. The change that is igniting the most outrage on internet sites is having Darth Vader (now voiced by Alan Alda) yelling “Noooo!” when the Emperor (digitally re-enhanced to resemble Dick Cheney) is trying to kill Luke (who now has blue skin and antennas). Other changes include Princess Leia being re-voiced by Monique and the Yoda character is now a talking dog (voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried). In a statement Lucas says in part “Yes there are some small changes to the films but they are made to enhance the Star Wars experience.”