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Sunday Music, 3/23/14

I haven’t written in a while as I’m trying to write songs for my bands next record, (possible titles: “The unasked for”, or “Where The Action Ain’t”) anyhow with slim writing skills and a broken scanner (scanning cool stuff is a good stop gap when I have nothing) there hasn’t been much on the blog front…hello? Is this thing on?…Any Anyhow here’s a cool song by Virgie Till, “Loose Me Love” originally a single on Glover records. I found it on a great comp The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.3 [to listen click on arrow below]

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Sunday Music: 8/26/12

John Bradley & His Swinging Soul Seekers-Everybody’s Gettin’ Soul
Man, I could not find any info on this guy. Crazy, repetitive horn work-out, with a cool breakdown part. I found it on The Socker! compilation (2006, Socker)

Sunday Music: 8/19/12

Thelma Jones-Mr. Fix-It
This is originally from 1968 on the Barry label. I found it on the CD, All The Ladies Need Funk: All Girl Funk & Soul Riot (2002 Parlour records). Don’t know much about Ms. Jones,. Great as this CD is, there’s not much info in it.