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Shrek glasses, not first recall for McDonalds

(A&P Press, reported by Lenny Harris)
— Fast food giant McDonald’s Corp. announced last week that it is recalling over 12 million of its new “Shrek Forever After” glasses because dangerous levels of the metal cadmium have been detected in the decorative paint used for the images. McDonalds said it is ordering the recall in collaboration with the U.S. Consumer product Safety Board (CPSC) as a precautionary measure. This is not the first recall for McDonalds, here is a list of the others:

2010- Promotional toy dragon for the movie How to Train Your Dragon was found to leak napalm used for “authentic fire breathing”

2008-Joker helicopter included in Batman Happy meals was made of used syringes

2003-Spy Kids Happy meals included radioactive uranium yellowcake

1998-Toys for the Mulan Happy meal were found to be made of Chinese dissidents

1993- Flintstones coffee mug exploded when hot liquid was poured into it

1977-Grimace drinking glasses found to be made entirely out of cancer