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I Hate Me, Part 188,340

…Rolf Harris

When I was in Monster Magnet and Circuit Records was going to put out our first single it was a big deal. I never thought in a million years that I would be in a band that would have a single out. So when it came time to pick a photo for the back of the record there was a disagreement. Dave and John wanted to use one where all our faces were obscured, I wanted one where my face showed, because I didn’t think that anyone would believe that I was in a band that had put out a record. They finally relented and I was pretty happy. About a month or so later we had a review from one of the British music weeklies (I forget if it was NME or Sounds), it was a tiny two or three line thing but we were psyched. It was a vague nothing review and at the end of it the guy wrote something like “Oh my God their drummer is Rolf Harris!”. It was not a complimentary remark, Rolf Harris was a kind of novelty act in England and had a hit with “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport”. Ugh, as John McBain pointed out to me after we saw it, “Hey, You wanted your face to be seen… Rolf.”

and on drums…