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I Hate Me, Part 255,301

I went to Foodtown after work, while shopping I saw a deli guy who I always see when I’m there. I asked him how it was going and he said “You know what they say in that old gospel song…swing low, sweet chariot”. I know that song as an old spiritual made famous by Paul Robeson. Robeson had an insanely deep voice and it’s fun to try and sing as deep as he did. I know he was great actor and athlete as well as a singer, he was also early civil rights casualty and was treated extremely badly by our government, but still… So I instinctively sang back in my deepest voice (in reality,not so deep) “Comin’ for to carry me home” As I did this I noticed a middle aged black guy at the other end of the counter glaring at me. Me being my usual paranoid self thought that maybe he thought I was being racist, when it was probably just a critique on my shitty voice, so I sputtered “ I..was just tryin’ to do sing as low as Paul Robeson.” It was a panic move, I’m not saying that no one knows who Paul Robeson is anymore but it’s an odd thing to blurt out, about as odd and dumb as trying to sing a line from an old spiritual in Foodtown. The guy shook his head and walked away. I quickly headed to the checkout, staring at my feet.

Paul Robeson