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Sonorama: Japanese flexi-disc magazine 1959

This a magazine called Sonorama (Thanks Judy ) I found it in a stack of Japanese singles I bought a few years ago. It looks like a light current affairs magazine with 6 flexi discs, so you could play the magazine as well as read it.  I have not attempted to play the flexi’s yet. [click on image to enlarge]
japanese flexi 1japanese flexi 2japanes flexi 3japanese flexi 4japanese flexi 5japanese flexi 6japanese flexi 7japanese flexi 8japanese flexi 9japanese flexi 10japanese flexi 11japanese flexi 12japanese flexi 13japanese flexi 14japanese flexi 15japanese flexi 16japanese flexi 17japanese flexi 18japanese flexi 19japanese flexi 20japanese flexi 21japanese flexi 22japanese flexi 23japanese flexi 24

an example of the flexi (and yes, the photo is upside down)

an example of the flexi (and yes, the photo is upside down)


Ads, Flair Magazine

Flair Magazine from 1950 lasted a year. It was an early example of magazine as art object. It was a lavish magazine, most issues had  die cut covers, fold out pages, and attached inserts. Contributor’s included Dali, Tennessee Williams, Jean Cocteau and Saul Steinberg. The high cost of producing it killed the magazine pretty quickly. My mother had a complete set and while I’m sure there are sites out there dedicated to Flair, I don’t know if anybody ever posted some of the small black and white spot ads from it. Here are a few: [click on image to enlarge]
Scan 7
Scan 13
Scan 19
Scan 12
Scan 4
Scan 5
Scan 2
Scan 6