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More trouble for Led Zeppelin

By G.T. Seaver, The A&P press

The rock band Led Zeppelin has been in the news of late. With the start of a massive reissue series of their back catalog and legal problems stemming from a song writing dispute concerning their song “stairway to heaven” (a heavy staple of classic rock radio). Now more problems seem to be on the horizon for the still popular rock band as professor John Milner a musicologist at Norton University has made a shocking claim. “It appears that the band Led Zeppelin wrote none of their own songs, they are all stolen from other bands, individuals or in a small number of cases very intelligent pets”. Professor Milner goes on to say “The only song we think they might have written themselves was Hot Dog from the album In Through The Out Door”. A comprehensive list of all of Led Zeppelin’s songs and the artists that professor Milner claims to have written them will be forth coming. There has been no response from any Led Zeppelin representatives.



This was a few years ago when the cd business was in the midst of taking a nosedive. My boss wanted to diversify, more posters, rock trinkets, etc. We had a guy named Sol from Big Time Posters come by and see what he had. Now the poster business wasn’t in any great shape either, so it was two businesses in a downward spiral grasping at straws. Sol was stooped, late middle aged and pushy but he had little or no knowledge about the slop he was selling. It was weird and sadly funny like he was doing a performance piece. He was mainly pushing photographs of movie stars on wooden plaques. The kind of thing you might win at the boardwalk, if you weren’t lucky. First he kept calling Heath Ledger “Keith Ledger” and while I know that’s not a big deal, it was his blather that had me interested. “ya know the kids…they uh…go for this Keith Ledger guy…he was in that…uh Batman thing..he’s dead too…like uh…James Dean…I sell a lot of these”. He also had rock photos on plaques and referred to Led Zeppelin as “Len Zeppelin”, “Yeah..Len Zeppelin…the hard rock stuff is big…you guys sell albums…uh it’s a natural…these plaques are quality.” and he also had one for the Beatles, “yeah..the Beatles..everyone loves ‘em this is uh…from their movie..uh..a A Hard Not’s Not… A Hard Not’s Night…ah..ya know one of their movies…it was big.” It was like Dearth of a Salesman and we ended up buying nothing

which one is Len?

which one is Len?