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I Hate Me, part 490,222

There’s an odd, very small sub-strata of used record customers who get peeved when used albums for bands they like aren’t selling for as much as they think the band is worth.
A mid thirties “dude”, leather jacket, neatly trimmed hair and beard, sees a used copy of Judas Priest-Turbo:
-$3.99?!? NO WAY MAAAaaaaaann!
Yep, $3.99
-You gotta sell this for more, man It’s PRIEST….PRIEST, man.
[like an idiot, I engage him and explain my pricing]
It’s worth $3.99 here. The vinyl is pretty solid but the cover is kind of beat.
-No, Man…..You gotta sell this for… least……$20…..It’s PRIEST, man… C’MON!
-Well, you can buy it for $20 if you want…I don’t mind.
-No man….No….I got it already.
-But you want somebody else to pay $20 for it?
-No….no…………no but man, it’s priest.

As may have noticed I haven’t been posting as much lately, the reason being that I’m trying to finish writing words for a new new record by my band The Ribeye Brothers. For me writing songs is slow and agonizing (although not as much as listening to them. POW!) So I’ve been concentrating on that. Here are a couple of Album title/cover ideas.
over under sideways shittwilley does mindRibeyes sound explosion

LP inserts

If a record is too trashed to sell, sometimes there’s a paper insert. I saved the more interesting ones. (click on images to enlarge)