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Notes From Das Boot 33

6/26/09 traveling through Denmark
Another note from the “Peace & Love” festival. Instead of giving us food or catering, the good people at the festival gave us 2 bags of ceremonial Cheese Slippers. Although appearing at first to be thin cheese sandwiches, they are actually made of edible wood from the grrruuumph tree and the cheese like substance inside are flavored insoles. They can be worn or eaten, or they can be worn then eaten. From personal experience I can say that as a sandwich they make an excellent slipper. Sweden, leading the way.

Cheese Slipper

Cheese Slipper

Notes From Das Boot 32

6/25/09 Borlange, Sweden
We are playing the Peace & Love festival today and I found out that the name Peace & Love is a bit of a misnomer. Peace and Love is PpEEEce UND LLovveee in swedish which translates in english to Thinning the Herd and the festival is sponsored by something calling itself the Swedish Eugenics Foundation We are playing on the Darwin Stage tonight and I’ve heard grim rumors of gun towers and land mines, maybe they’ll hold off until Motley Crue plays. Fingers crossed.

On a Lighter Note: We drove 22 hours from Osnabruck, Germany to Borlange, Sweden and tonight we’re driving back 23 hours to Dessel, Belgium.  This is the time that the Das Boot description is most apt. Everyone will be completely sick of each other by the time we get to Belgium if not before. Strong drink and sleeping pills seem like the way to go.

Notes From Das Boot 23

6/12/09 Lindau Germany
An uneventful 8 hr flight from Newark to Frankfurt punctuated by horrible movies. I’m talking about The Pink Panther II, such a wretched time waster that it made three episodes of House (a doctor who doesn’t play by the rules) seem almost bearable. The back-up entertainment was the always annoying “the where are we now plane” which shows a giant plane (easily 50 miles long) on the course that we’re flying with

Smokey the Whale

Smokey the Whale

facts like headwind speed, current time at arrival, and headwind speed. The usual response is “Good Christ, we’re still over Greenland, it feels like we’ve been flying for months. Auuugh!”. Since we’re doing this tour on the cheap we didn’t ship any gear and brought everything but backline with us, 30 pieces of luggage in all, guitars, cymbals, pedals, cable, etc. It was kind of a mess especially when Bobo our tour manager led us to the bus, it was like playing Super Mario Brothers. Drag all the gear to a freight elevator, go down two floors, drag it up an escalator, put it all on airport terminal connecting train, go half a mile, drag it to another escalator, go down two floors, two more escalators, then we got to the bus. Oh yeah, there were giant gorillas throwing barrels at us the whole time. A quick 350 mile drive and we’re in Lindau which is right near Switzerland, it’s beautiful and I had a real good German dinner, Schnitzel and Spaetzel. On our way to the restaurant I saw this billboard for Lucky Strikes that had a cute whale made up of Lucky Strikes packs. It looks like Lucky’s “Smokey the Whale” continues in the tradition of Joe Camel. Hey kids an animal promoting smoking

Notes From Das Boot 22

11/29/08 Bilbao, Spain
We played Madrid last night and it was really good. Madrid was pretty cool, well as much as I could see of it was. Danny, Stady and I went out to dinner and not being from here picked a restaurant that looked pretty good, unfortunately it was a Spanish version of Olive Garden. Ugh. Load out was weird, the bus had to pull up outside in front of an active bus-stop and it was kind of crazy. Oh yeah, it was raining and the loaders from the club were a bunch of surly, lazy eastern European guys who were useless and invisible. Hope to get to the Guggenheim today.

12/12/93 Hannover, Germany
Playing with the Ramones is pretty goddamned great. I talked to Joey today and he said, “You guys remind me of uh…uh…White…uh” and I tried to help, “White Zombie?” “No..uh…uh…White…uh…” “White Lion?!” “…uh..White Elephant.” And then he was gone, I’ve never heard of White Elephant, maybe he was joking.

Notes From Das Boot 21

3/31/95 Ebensee, Austria
We had a day and a half off here, it’s beautiful and I did a lot of walking around but there’s not really a lot to do and they roll up the sidewalks early. Joe Coz slept for about 23 hours. We thought he was dead, well he smelled dead. Bobby Mac, Jacques, Joe Calandra and I saw what we thought was a parade, so being bored, stupid and a little drunk we went into the parade and started dancing around. We then found out it was a funeral procession and we slunk off. The Kino is a crummy ex-theater turned club, a few of the locals tried to steal some of our shit on the load out.

7/25/98, Loon Mt. Ski Resort, Loon Mt. New Hampshire
This was a weird one, it was an under promoted radio fest with us and Brother Cane. It kind of seemed like everyone who worked there forgot there was a show. I wish we forgot. The best part of the day was getting drunk with Joe Coz and riding the ski-lift.

Notes From Das Boot 20

5/16/01 Colorado Springs
A good couple of days, we had a day off in Albuquerque and I had Carrie & Maggie fly out. Maggie stayed with Glinda and Betty. It was real good to see Carrie, it’s odd when a regular person drops into this circus. The language of touring is mainly brusque gallows humor, cursing and sarcasm, it’s a little hard to rein that shit in when a loved one comes out. Hope I did ok. The Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque was kind of a dive, and they spelled our name wrong on the marquee “Moster Maget”, guess they ran out of N’s. Also our bus got hit with one of those town trolley buses and it’s kind of fucked.

6/25/08 London
Played the Astoria with a band called Amplifier, their guitarist had about 25 fucking effect pedals and the bassist had 30. A puzzled nation asks why.

Notes From Das Boot 19

Dec. 8 2003, London
Played the Astoria, good show. After show backstage was packed, ten pounds of shit in a five pound back as we used to say when I was a kid. Saw Danny from Gluecifer there, he’s a good guy. Danny does this thing when he gets drunk, he goes into a crowded room and pulls down his pants, bends over and yells “Bikerack!” I don’t think it gets as much laughs as he thinks it does or maybe he’s doing a performance art thing.

6/27/08 Gothenburg, Sweden
We were on a ferry between Germany and Denmark and there were these old people with two gigantic Labrador Retrievers. The guy said they were only puppies, which had me in fear of a race of gigantic Danish superdogs that would take over the world.