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I hate me, part 829,040

Call gets sent to the back counter, looking for a dvd, sounds like a middle aged guy.

Yeah, I’m looking for the Bruce Davidson Willard, not that other piece of garbage

(Willard is a 1971 movie about a guy who trains rats to kill for him, it was remade in 2003 with Crispin Glover)

Ok..let me check

*heavy sigh* ok

It’s just available as a dvd/Blu-ray combo. Which means 2 discs, one is a Blu-ray and one is a regular dvd. We don’t have it but we can order it in

Yeah, I ain’t got a Blu-ray

Well there’s two discs in the package, one is a regular dvd and one is a Blu-ray

Why do they do that?

I don’t know, man.

So you have it in the store

No, we have to order it in, takes about a week, it’s $24.99

An that’s for a blu-ray that I ain’t gonna watch and a regular dvd


So, you guys ain’t got it?

We do not


Not that other piece of garbage

I Hate Me, part 811,009

Middle aged guy, well groomed, like he’s coming from a town council meeting. comes in infrequently, usually right before closing. Thinks my name is Jason, brags about his high end stereo gear. He always asks broad questions and then fine tunes them until he gets a negative answer and then he’s bummed.

Yo Jason

…oh, hey

You got dvd’s? (asked while standing in front of a wall of dvd’s)

Yeah (point to the wall behind him)

No, bro. Music dvd’s…ya know, music

Sure, right here (point out the music dvd section)

Drums bro, I want drum dvd’s…ya know drummers

Don’t think so, mainly just bands

(Shoulders sag) *sigh* bro….dvd’s sound sooooo good through my system

Yeaaahhh….sorry….and we’re closing up soon

I Hate Me, part 471,916

An older woman ordered a couple of DVD’s and then asked us to mail them to her. One of the DVD’s was Jersey Boys. I got a call a couple of days ago.
Woman-Are you the person who sent me the Jersey Boys DVD?
Me- Yes I am
Well It doesn’t work
What’s wrong with it?
All I keep seeing is commercials for Robert Duvall.
Well, sometimes they run commercials before the movie. It stinks, but maybe if you just went to the menu you could skip them
I don’t know what THAT is…when I put the DVD in I keep seeing Robert Duvall…and I don’t wanna see Robert Duvall…My daughter, she’s a lawyer…she doesn’t know anything.
I’m sure she’s used a DVD player before…if she’s smart enough to be a lawyer, I’m sure she could figure out a dvd player
I ..uh..

this must have been the version she got

this must have been the version she got

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