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Notes From Das Boot 57b

Continental's Larry Kellner

Hollywood's Clint Howard

London 12/3/09
While looking thru the free Continental inflight magazine, I noticed that president of Continental Airlines Larry Kellner looks like he is actor Clint Howards identical twin. I know this is an earth shattering, mind altering discovery, but please try to continue your normal everyday lives as if everything is the same

Notes From Das Boot 57a

London 12/03/09
The flight over was ok, it wasn’t sold out so the seat next to me was empty and Continental has a really good movie selection I watched Dr. Strangelove and  The French Connection. The only real bad part was the meal, they were serving some beef-ish gruel and rice. The rice seemed tough and overcooked and when I got to the end of the meal I found out why. During cooking the bottom of the plastic plate had melted so I had eaten some plastic infused rice. Ick, Ack, Ook.