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Better Than Nothing (barely)

1)I was woken up yesterday morning by Lucy barking. It wasn’t the usual “ROWWT ROWWT ROWWT” She was rolling her R’s so it sounded like a dog child (not a puppy, a child with a dogs head or vice versa) trying to sing the beginning of The Fall’s Rowche Rumble.(for indisputable audio corroboration click on blue link below)


Luce E. Smith

Luce E. Smith

2) Found this record a while ago, thought it was pretty cool. It’s a Columbia Masterworks Lp that I think is from the 1950’s. I don’t know who the artist is (click on image to enlarge)
sinbad 1
sinbad 23) Found this in a beat up copy of Peter Frampton-I’m In You (Click on image to enlarge)

Frampt 1Frampt 2Frampt 3Frampt 4Frampt 5