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I hate me, part 775,973

This one is pretty goddamned thin:

Nice sunny Saturday morning, I was walking to work. Some guy who was way to bundled up for the day (coat, hat, scarf, snow goggles) zipped by me on an undersized BMX bike. When I got to work, he was parked, talking to his reflection in the front window, in an exaggerated child’s voice

Records! I like records!…I like Records!

Then to me in an age appropriate voice

You guys open?

Not yet, 9:30 today


A half hour later, he quickly walked his bike thru the store without looking at any records or saying a word.


Sometimes when we get a collection of records in a lot of them are trashed and instead of throwing them away I make collages out of them. I inflicted a lot of them on John Gall who was kind enough not to press charges. For real collage art check out his Never Always (John’s own work) and Flim Flam (Cool collages he has found), they are both located in the blog roll at right.