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Sunday Music 5/13/12

X (Aus.)-Simulated Lovers
The “Australian” X was formed in Sydney in 1977. Simulated Lovers is from their first album Aspirations (1979). Led by the late Ian Rilen who was also in Rose Tattoo. It’s a great record and I think If they had a different name they’d have a bit of a higher profile over here (maybe even as big as The Scientists……yeah I know, point taken).
Who is this?
It doesn’t sound like X
It’s the Australian X
Anyhow, thanks to Karl for turning me onto them and for putting the wrong song titles on the disc. Enjoy.[to listen click on arrow icon below]

Notes From Das Boot 49

brokeMelbourne 9/9/09
Why I’m Broke:
There’s not very many great record stores left in the world and Missing Link in Melbourne is one of them. The staff is real knowledgeable and friendly and NOT douchey like in a lot of good record stores. Yeah, I know with the state the world is in for me to be whining about the dearth of record stores is both childish and asinine. As those who know me can attest, I am childish and asinine.