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Anarchist Cookbook Gets a Makeover

The legendary anti-establishment tome The Anarchist Cookbook is getting a complete makeover in preparation for it’s 40th anniversary. The newly revised version entitled The Anarchist Cookbook-Redux is being published by Better Homes & Gardens Press. Of course the new version has some differences with the original and editor J.C. Martin describes what’s new. “Well we feel that we’ve kept the gist, the heart and revolutionary soul of the original and added to it, making it more relevant and bringing it up to date.” Martin cites a few examples “In the original there was three recipes for napalm, we cut it down to one and were lucky enough to get Rachael Ray to contribute her recipe for a spicy, southeast asian inspired salsa. Talk about fiery, ouch. The book also includes superstar Bobby Flay with his take on a Molotov Cocktail, his version replaces gasoline with gourmet rum and the fuse is now artisanal licorice rope. It’s all very cutting edge and dangerous.” There are also etiquette tips for coups and insurrections and how to look your best while reciting your revolutionary demands from a non-studio quality location.   Martin adds “Not everyone can look like Che (Guevara) but we offer some help.” The Anarchist Cookbook-Redux is available for pre-order through