Notes from Das Boot, 221

Sunday 2/15/15, London England

Finishing up our U.K. shows. A couple of notes:
-36 Crazy Fists played another room at the deceptively gigantic Rock City in Nottingham the night we were there. I have it on good authority that really only 30 of the fists are crazy, the other 6 are just sad and acting out.

-The bus is slowly turning into a plague ship. Bob is just getting over the bus cold, which consists of equal parts cement head and peanut butter lung. Now Chris has it and Bobo who always seems to be working on a low level hacking cough regimen seems a little bit worse. Two weeks to go, hoping I can dodge the sick bullet

Monday 2/16/15, Saarbrucken Germany

-Good day off here. Hotel is very nice and has a real bed. The Ibis hotels that we’ve been normally getting on days off have beds that are like a wrestling mat on a sheet of plywood.
Normally on days off I do my best to avoid everybody on tour. I like everybody but for fucks sake, 24 hours a day with the same people in cramped quarters for weeks on end is enough to blow your goddamned brains out. Having said that, a bunch of us went out to dinner at a local brewery/restaurant and it was great, not once did I want to take a flamethrower to the rest of the table

-Our tour mgr. Bobo or Jens Bornhoft aka: The Brutal Strudel or Baron Von Bumout, occasionally writes his own blog about touring. Notes From der Panzer, it’s a different view of touring then this shambles. In my continuing ineptness with all things digital, I don’t have a link but check Jens Bornhoft in my list of Friends on facebook. Or perhaps if the good Baron is reading this he can supply his own link. I hope he writes a book of his touring stories and calls it Who Do You Think You Are, Eric Clapton?!

Old german cigarette ad

Notes from Das Boot 220

Saturday, 2/14/15, Glasgow Scotland

The dreary gloominess of Glasgow is emphasized by driving into it on a rainy morning looking thru the dirty tinted windows of the bus. It’s best summed up by this poem by Yeats
Upon Entering Glasgow
No NO! NO!!

The show at Rock City, was good. Their loaders are some of the best we’ve had. Actual Hells Angels, we could have left our gear in the parking lot and no one would have messed with it.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of clubs in the U.K. are their sticky floors. I found out the reason, they add a small amount of maple syrup to their mop buckets. Sometimes the floors aren’t sticky enough and they spread a thin coat of honey to make it comply with U.K. sticky floor regulations.
Bob pointed out that the 5£ Scottish note has Scotty from Star Trek on it. This money is not accepted in any other part of the U.K.

Autographed photo of Mark E. Smith, backstage at Rock City

Notes from Das Boot 219

Friday 2/13/15, Antwerp Belgium

At the Trix Music Center today (I’m guessing that it’s not named after the breakfast cereal). Good day so far: the lights and the house guy is really good, Internet isn’t terrible, catering is good.
Goodgoodgoodgoodgood. Listening to Volcano Suns, can’t get the song Sea Cruise out of my head “why would the chicken cross the road when there ain’t no other si-yi-yide!”. If you don’t know them I suggest you do, post haste, start with The Bright Orange Years.
Tonight after load out we take the ferry to The U.K. for three shows. Shows over there (and I’m repeating myself here) are a crap shoot. House production varies and a good night would be “hey, it wasn’t terrible”. The good stuff has very little to do with the shows, we’ll see a bunch of friends we haven’t seen in awhile, good Indian food and hopefully there’ll be a couple of record stores around. The Internet goes from weak to non-existent so I wanted to at least post one more before we venture into the dark maw across the channel.

Volcano Suns- Sea Cruise 7″, also found on reissue of The Bright Orange Years (merge), you need this

Notes from Das Boot 218

Thursday 2/12/15, Antwerp Belgium

In Deventer we played Burgerweeshuis*, a cool small room that was sold out. The house crew was solid but I had trouble with the lighting techs name, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. The other house guys had names that I could make out through their Dutch accent, Alex, Matthias but when it came to the light guy:
Hey, I’m Tim the light guy from Magnet
Hello, my name’s is (what sounded like) Urine
No, Urine
No no… Urine
Fuck, I didn’t want to start off this way. My hearings not great and heavy accents don’t help. One more try, maybe his parents were old hippies
…(puzzled look)…no no.. Ureen…
It was past the point of uncomfortableness and I just called him “hey man” for the rest of the night, he didn’t seem to care.

*(loose translation, “house of tiny hamburgers”. Although recently they have switched over to the healthier “house of tiny salads” or Saladweehuis. The tiny chef salad consists of a single lettuce leaf, a carrot shaving and a thought balloon of ham)

When in Antwerp, drink Seef

Notes from Das Boot 217

Tuesday, 2/10/15, Deventer Holland

We had most of the day off yesterday here in the quaint burg of Deventer. The streets were empty and most everything was closed, so it looked like an elaborate back lot of a Dutch-centric movie studio. The hotel was also quaint and the beds were of the “giant marshmallow surprise” variety. You sink into a way too soft bed until your spine is surprised by a pointy bed spring, gah!.
The big attraction of the town is the famous boiling pot at De Waag. In 1434 a man was boiled to death in the pot for making fake coins

The boiling pot. That’ll learn ya.
Photo by Phil Caivano

Notes From Das Boot 216

Sunday, 2/8/15 Oberhausen, Germany

Yesterdays show in Lyss, Switzerland was pretty solid. Small stage, good crowd. The house crew was good but the lighting guy spoke little to no English. As I’ve said many times before ( I often bring around a dead horse to beat) that even though it makes things a bit rough when the house crew doesn’t speak much English. We’re the interlopers here, I’m in their country and I don’t speak their language, so I shouldn’t get too bent out of shape when their English is less than understandable. All that money I spent at mime school really pays off in situations like these. You should see how I convey Pan/Tilt for a Technobeam. Anyhow, it was slow going with this kid, the best / worst was sorting the strobe light, my point ended up being conveyed like this, but repeated quickly, like a sock puppet with out the sock



We are in Oberhausen today playing at a gigantic old factory. Really huge, like some place they would build starships in.
Here is a picture of the backstage, it looks like something Bruce McCall* would draw (minus the humor)


*if you don’t know Bruce McCall, you really should. He’s drawn comic pieces for National Lampoon and a bunch of covers for The New Yorker. If you are lucky enough to ever come across a book he did called Zany Afternoons, buy it.

Notes from Das Boot 215

Saturday 2/7/15, somewhere in Switzerland

Contents: 2 half baked stories, a picture of a dog and hopefully a Flipagram describing one of the almost stories

We had stayed at an Ibis Hotel in Vienna. Spartan would be a charitable way to describe this chain. Breakfast is a cheap spread as well and it’s not included but it’s usually crowded and most of the breakfast crew usually don’t care, so most times you can grab breakfast for free. Therefore saving/stealing 7€. Yesterday morning as I was eating a small bowl of muesli and some off brand yogurt, “room number please?”…and then reader boredom set in…zzzzzzzzzzzz

We played the Szene in Vienna, we usually play The Arena which was the home of the “if you smell weed, you will not succeed” crew, aka “the vanishing crew” and I would always bemoan playing there. Well, the Szene has a solid house crew but the load in for the lights is a little bit of a work out. Out the back door, and then up either an aggressive set of metal stairs or a lazy ladder (it could be described as either), onto the roof over a metal walkway, and then though some back rooms. It’s only rough while lugging gear, pray it’s not raining or snowing…and then reader boredom set in…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Souza from The Szene, the best crew guy on the tour

Bad news, The Flipagram didn’t make it. It really would have brought this whole blog together. Oh well. Check my Instagram @feedtim to see it or not.


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