Sunday Music 8/16/15

Supersnazz-Year 1
Great cover of the X song performed by Japanese garage rockers Supersnazz. I found it on the Tokyo TrashVille comp (Au Go-Go, 1994)


Sonorama: Japanese flexi-disc magazine 1959

This a magazine called Sonorama (Thanks Judy ) I found it in a stack of Japanese singles I bought a few years ago. It looks like a light current affairs magazine with 6 flexi discs, so you could play the magazine as well as read it.  I have not attempted to play the flexi’s yet. [click on image to enlarge]
japanese flexi 1japanese flexi 2japanes flexi 3japanese flexi 4japanese flexi 5japanese flexi 6japanese flexi 7japanese flexi 8japanese flexi 9japanese flexi 10japanese flexi 11japanese flexi 12japanese flexi 13japanese flexi 14japanese flexi 15japanese flexi 16japanese flexi 17japanese flexi 18japanese flexi 19japanese flexi 20japanese flexi 21japanese flexi 22japanese flexi 23japanese flexi 24

an example of the flexi (and yes, the photo is upside down)

an example of the flexi (and yes, the photo is upside down)


I hate Me part 577,919

In line at Foodtown, woman in front of me sees the kid bag up her stuff in plastic bags and doesn’t say anything until she goes to pick up her groceries. She dumped her stuff out and crumpled up the bags.
I don’t want plastic bags!!…no!…no plastic bags!….NO!
She scooped the groceries in her arms and stormed out
The kid staring, non blinking
Jeez, I guess she doesn’t like plastic bags
The kid, snaps back to life
Horseflies…the horseflies, they’re everywhere…in my beard…in my eyes…horseflies in my ears
He’s darting his index finger around to show the path of the horseflies. I see no flies, horse or otherwise.
Horseflies huh
They’re everywhere…they followed me from the baseball field…the morning they’re out there…afternoon…in here……………do you want to donate a dollar to the Boy Scouts?
Uh…no thanks…I donated a couple of days ago
Oh…well you have to the end of the month to donate……….$27.45………….my friends putting their cd out tomorrow…maybe they’ll let me sing…and somebody’ll film it…and it’ll go viral…
I swiped my card to pay
Yeah..well…I guess that’s the dream innit…good luck

I Hate Me, part 529,023

Wild eyed freak looking for Darkthrone cd’s
Hey, man…I gotta ‘nother question…maybe you could answer this…I used to play alto sax…I know, right…an then I started taking black and white photos…and…man…man…maaaaan…that’s man…that’s fuckin’…mind-blowing…woah…yeah…yeah……wowhahahahahahaha……thanks a lot man.

and then he ate my soul.

I Hate Me part 581,006

Phone call a few weeks ago, a fast talking jittery fellow
Hey can you order me a cd, it’s the new one from Black Wolf Goat Fire*
I’ll give it a shot, what’s your name and number
732…you know me I always order stuff from you guys…887
woah…you didn’t give me a full number or your…
(interrupting)…ok so call me…what next week some time?
A week goes by, the company was out of the cd. Phone call.
Yeah…did my Black Wolf Goat Fire* cd come in?
No…it did not and you never gave me your name or a complete…
(interrupting)…ok that’s cool…just call me when it come in
It didn’t get re-ordered.

* not the name of the band, I have forgotten the actual name


I Hate Me, part 561,927

Friday night, at work, busy, middle aged guy hovering like wants to ask a question, finally he speaks.

I’m gonna ask you a question

ok…ask away

I see you guys don’t carry the complete…list of Poco cd’s

Yeah, there’s not a lot in print anymore

Is it because they’re dying out and no cares anymore?

Cd’s or Poco?

No one cares about Poco…they’re dying out

Welllll…a lot of times cd’s go out of print and the label just sells best of collections

…so nobody cares anymore..

I don’t know if nobody cares anymore…but you might find some of their out of print stuff on Amazon

(sigh) everywhere I go…nobody has Poco cd’s…the good ones…I guess they’re dying out

Maybe you’re right, No one does care and they’re dying out

(Brightens up) Yeah!…They were great tho, right?


Sunday Music 7/5/15

13th Floor Elevators-Street Song

This is from Bull of the Woods, the Elevators 3rd studio album. This record is kind of a mess, some of it works in spite of itself. Here’s a gem from it.



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