I Hate Me, part 528,910

It was the day after Veterans Day, I went to the new Acme in Little Silver (which was the old A&P). As I was walking through the parking lot I saw a mail supply shed behind the post office and I was thinking that I will probably end up living in something like it and hopefully I could customize it by cutting a window into it and then sealing the window for leaks and what about ventilation and then oblivious to real life, I walked into a parked car (this part of the story was already posted on my Instagram  @feedtim ). Leaving the life of my mind lying next to the car I went into the new Acme which was basically the old A&P and got my groceries. I went to the check out and an older woman rang me up. After I had paid, she shook my hand with both of her hands and said “Thank you so much”. I thought that it was a trifle overboard to thank the customers for shopping at the new Acme so emphatically but hey, times are tough and it’s good to make the customers feel welcome. I stammered out a “sure.. no problem” and made a shuffling off to Buffalo move. She hadn’t started ringing up the next customer yet, “….no, thank you…for your service”. What the hell is she talking about, I was much more uncomfortable than usual and the people on the line were looking at me as well, “I…I…didn’t do anything”, OH MY GOD, SHE THINKS I WAS IN THE ARMY, “no…no…I wasn’t anywhere…I did nothing…I am nothing”. She gave me a kindly smile like I was being too humble, “I knew when I saw you, I can tell…Semper Fi” and she turned back to ringing up the next customer. I stood there for a second and slunk out.

If it all works out the way i figure it will,  my future home

If it all works out the way I figure it will, my future home

Notes from Das Boot 215

Saturday 2/7/15, somewhere in Switzerland

Contents: 2 half baked stories, a picture of a dog and hopefully a Flipagram describing one of the almost stories

We had stayed at an Ibis Hotel in Vienna. Spartan would be a charitable way to describe this chain. Breakfast is a cheap spread as well and it’s not included but it’s usually crowded and most of the breakfast crew usually don’t care, so most times you can grab breakfast for free. Therefore saving/stealing 7€. Yesterday morning as I was eating a small bowl of muesli and some off brand yogurt, “room number please?”…and then reader boredom set in…zzzzzzzzzzzz

We played the Szene in Vienna, we usually play The Arena which was the home of the “if you smell weed, you will not succeed” crew, aka “the vanishing crew” and I would always bemoan playing there. Well, the Szene has a solid house crew but the load in for the lights is a little bit of a work out. Out the back door, and then up either an aggressive set of metal stairs or a lazy ladder (it could be described as either), onto the roof over a metal walkway, and then though some back rooms. It’s only rough while lugging gear, pray it’s not raining or snowing…and then reader boredom set in…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Souza from The Szene, the best crew guy on the tour

Bad news, The Flipagram didn’t make it. It really would have brought this whole blog together. Oh well. Check my Instagram @feedtim to see it or not.

Notes From Das Boot 209

Friday, 1/30/15, Athens

Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday afternoon were mostly spend en route. Rest of Thursday spent regaining human form. First of two shows in Greece today. Athens is cool and it’s laid out like spiderweb made by a spider who was dosed
During the layover at the Frankfurt airport, I was somewhat dozing on a bench by the gate. A woman and her two kids were there as well, the kids were throwing newspapers around and generally acting like hyperactive kids in the midst of travel. The woman barked out “Sally!” At one of her kids. In my semi awake state, I thought she said “sorry” and I mumbled ” no, no that’s cool, don’t worry about it” for which I got the stink eye. I went back to Snoring Droolsville (my sleep town) and shortly after “Sally!”, again I mumbled that the perceived apology was unnecessary. I got another stink eye and they left.
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street map of Athens as done by a dosed spider

Notes from Das Boot 203

[upon rereading this before publishing. Jeez, what a bunch of mundane, insignificant trials & tribulations, but that’s what long drives on tour are made up of]

9/12/14 on the autobahn en route to England

Most festivals have internet connection (the exception this tour was the badly run Rock Hard Fest) and the speed of it depends on how many people are using it. It’s a real feast or famine type setup. Yesterday at Copenhell during Iron Maiden’s set it was smooth sailing as everyone was watching the concert and I finished up writing Notes 202 . I finished just as their show ended and by the time I was posting, everybody came and tried to get online. Everything internet was frozen. The upshot of this boring look at the fascinating world of backstage internet is that I think the last blog was posted but I’m not sure. On another more crucial note our coffee-bot coffee machine died. It’s stuck in cleaning mode like somebody with a severe case of OCD. We do have a french press but nothing to grind the coffee beans. We’re supposed to stop at a supermarket later hopefully we can get something then. Coffee is very important on the bus, it adds a thin sheen of civility that makes long travel bearable. I’m sitting in the upstairs front lounge (ie: 2 seats by the window), it’s the best place on the bus for a little solitude, unfortunately it’s right in front of all the bunks, so when everybody is sleeping (like now) it’s a symphony of different offensive smells and snoring.
2:30pm somewhere in Holland
Luckily, our tour bus company met us at a rest area and switched out coffee makers, so a catastrophe was averted. Danny and Fish ( sound man & guitar tech respectively) are in the back lounge watching some kind of crime drama that’s in French with Swedish subtitles. I don’t think either of them speak or read either language, I’m puzzled. I’m reading a bunch of old Creepy and Eerie magazines as the day slowly drips by.
9:30pm on a ferry heading to England
Well, the new coffee machine is acting squirrelly and only works about half of the time with an intricate process to nudge it along. It seems that the bus company doesn’t have much faith in it either as they gave us a back up coffee maker to the replacement coffee maker. At least the coffee machine problem takes my mind off of why Danny and a Fish would watch a movie that neither of them understand. It’s vexing to me.
9/13/14 9:30am, a truck stop in England
The wi-fi here at the truckstop isn’t terrible, the coffee is almost hot and it’s not raining. This is what rates as a trifecta these days. Stayed here over night as the driver had to get his 12 hours of rest (sanctioned by law, he’s not lazy). We leave here in an hour or two and head to a hotel in Derby. Tomorrow is the Download Festival.

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Farewell broken coffee machine, may you never darken our doorstep again

Notes from Das boot 191

Big hotel room in Barcelona that is unfortunately hermetically sealed with no ventilation, so it’s warm and stale and smells slightly of sewerage ( or is that just me). Filmed a short video about crossing the street here but for some reason I couldn’t upload it onto my wordpress blog. So I put it up on Facebook. I also have Instagram (@feedtim Or just feedtim) where there’s a lot of stuff from tour that’s too brief for an actual blog and I’m too egotistical to just keep it to myself.