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Sunday Music 8/7/11

Roscoe & Friends-Broadway Sissy
The “Sissy” was a minor dance craze from New Orleans in the mid-sixties. Here’s a great blog post about it         The original spawned a lot of great records, Roscoe & Friends was a D.C. based outfit and Broadway Sissy was released in 1967 on the TEC label. My version comes from a great comp called Jerk! Shake! & Vibrate.  [TO LISTEN, CLICK ON SONG TITLE IN BLUE]    Broadway Sissy

31st Annual of National Advertising and Editorial Art (1951-1952)

I really dig old advertising and every now and then I’m lucky enough to come across an old book that collects the best of the previous years ad and editorial art. I also included a couple of advertisements from the end of the book from ad agencies and artist reps (to enlarge, click on photo’s)

the LP art was by Andrew Warhol

I Hate Me, part 200,286

We have a second car, it’s a 1989 Honda Civic Hatchback. It’s referred to in some circles as “the clown car”. It’s a tiny car that’s low to the ground, it seems like the kind of car that when one big guy got out of it (me) he should be followed by another ten or so large guys with the theme song from The Benny Hill Show playing, much like a clown car at the circus. The car doesn’t get driven a lot and it’s usually parked under a tree. Now I don’t know what kind of birds are living in the tree or what they were eating but whatever it was a recent spate of bird shit on my car has ruined two foods I used to like. I went out to the car a few days ago and the hood looked like it was covered in Junior Mints, which I thought was some divine sign that I’m doing good.
“Well, how do you know there’s a God?”
“Yesterday, He covered my car in Junior Mints.
“Junior Mints?”
“You know, they say God works in mysterious ways.”
“Mysterious, or retarded ways?”
“No Junior Mints for blasphemers.”
Turns out it wasn’t Junior Mints but some of that freakish bird shit I mentioned earlier. Instead of cleaning off the car I waited for rain to do the job. It didn’t, and this morning the Junior Mint/bird shit had morphed into something that looked like Kellog’s Cinnabon Cereal, ugh.   To paraphrase Travis Bickle, “some day a real rain will come and wash this bird shit off my car.”


Sunday Music 7/31/11

Crime-I Stupid Anyway
These guys were from San Francisco around 1976. The only thing I knew about them was Sonic Youth’s version of Hot Wire My Heart. I finally got San Francisco’s STILL Doomed which is a reissue of an earlier collection of demos. Great simple noisy angry shit. (to listen click on blue song title)
08 I Stupid Anyway

I Hate Me, Part 198,229

About four years ago we bought a new couch. We got it at a place called Savings Town Furniture, or Value City, or Badly Built Cheap Furniture-ville, (I’ve forgotten what the actual name was). My taste in furniture runs toward Herman Miller/Danish Modern style. Unfortunately, A) we can’t even afford to buy doll sized versions of that stuff, and B) Something I call “Matchstick Syndrome”. As a large man, most danish modern furniture looks like it will disintegrate (like it was made of matchsticks) if I was to sit on it. And even if it didn’t explode in a cloud of sawdust and embarrassment, I would never be comfortable thinking that it might. So after many months of deciding and having to return one couch because it wouldn’t fit into our house we ended up getting a couch that was as cheaply made as anything in the store but had a certain amount of comfort and dare I say it, style. We also got it on store credit which was for five years. I knew that the couch was cheaply made and I wasn’t sure that it would last five years so I wanted to pay it off faster, not much faster but I didn’t want to be paying for a couch that didn’t exist anymore. Flash forward a couple of years when we got Lucy (aka; shitpaw, Ellen Barkin’, lil’ pack a day, etc.). Since we got her she has single mindedly set about to destroy the couch. She crawls underneath it and starts tearing stuff up, she tore out one of the zippers on a cushion. This is with a vigilant eye from my wife and I, any second she can get away she will be dismantling the couch. I’m glad she has a hobby, I wish it wasn’t the couch. So with this in mind, I started paying off the couch even faster, double sometimes triple payments when I could. I finally paid off the couch a couple of months ago and it’s still sittable, for the time being.

Sunday Music 7/24/11

Holmes-Luxury Sedan
Good to be back home, when I was away and got homesick the band I’d listen to was Holmes. Un-traditional garage rock, loose but not sloppy and filled with great hooks. My band has been lucky enough to play with them a few times. They have two albums out, Get Tight with Holmes which today’s song is on and a second album Free the Preacher, you should get both. Luxury Sedan is one of my favorite songs ever.                    (To listen, click on the title in blue)   Luxury Sedan

Notes From Das Boot 123

Red Bank, 7/21/11
Here are a couple of photos from the tour that didn’t really fit in with anything I wrote.



The Norwegian anti-Eval Knieval law outlaws motorcycle stunts. The words "Eval Knieval" are Norwegian for "motorcycle stunts"

Hotel in Dusseldorf: "We don't want to get your hopes up, so we're not promising you a cold drink. It'll be colder than room temperature, maybe."



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