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Sunday Music 9/11/2011

Clytus Gottwold-Lux Aeterna
This kind of fits today, it’s from the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack                                                              [to listen click on 05 Lux Aeterna in blue]

05 Lux Aeterna

Tucson Telephone Directory, July 1955. Part 2

Here are some regular ad’s from this old phone book (to enlarge, click on image)

Tucson Telephone Directory, July 1955. Part 1

I found an old phone book (see title) and in it besides lots of great ad’s were little comic strips showing success stories from using the Phone book classified ads, here’s a few of them. (click on photo to enlarge)

I Hate Me, part 217,992 / I LIKE RECORDS 54

A really shitty friday at work, an I hate the world and every living creature in it type day. Annoying customers, annoying children of annoying customers, slow computers, pens running out of ink. The day had everything. I got a DVD call.
Caller-“Do you have Exorcist III on DVD?
I looked it up and couldn’t find any Exorcist DVD’s, which was weird. The store has two computers one with all the stock on it and the other that is hooked up to the internet. So I looked it up on Amazon and saw that I had spelled it wrong.
I went back to the store computer (ten feet away) and typed quickly.
Fuuuuuucccckkkk!!, now even more quickly.
Fuckin’ shitfuckfuck!!
I yelled to Matt (who was going thru his own adventure, see below), “How the fuck do you spell Exorcist?” He spelled it out slowly and clearly and I found that it had been out of print for a few years. The guy was still on hold.
Me-”yeah, thanks for holding. Exorcist III is out of print, we’re not going to be able to get it for you. You should try”
Caller-”Oh I know it’s not made anymore, I just wanted to see if you had it.”
Aaauurgghh! Cue the suicide punchline.

Matt’s shitty adventure
While this Exorcist shit (or Exorshit) was going on, Matt was trying to avoid a customer. When Matt comes to work he always stops at Starbucks for coffee. It’s early, the best you’re gonna get is an acknowledgment nod. As he’s leaving with his coffee, this guy comes up to him, “Hey, gettin’ some coffee there?” The smallest of small talk, microscopic talk. That guy was at the back counter looking through lp’s making random comments to no one, just loud enough to where an unsuspecting person might get trapped in a snare of pointless mind numbing small talk. Matt fled.  It’s not really an adventure, but you get the point.

Sunday Music 9/4/2011

These guys were from Kansas City, this is from their 1988 single The Jumbo Sound of Mudhead. I don’t really know much about them. I heard that their singer was wheelchair bound. Odd rocking woozy psych, the b-side “Charlie’s Golden Ticket” is great as well. I think Archer Prewitt from the Sea & Cake was in Mudhead, I know he did the cover art. The only other thing I know they did was a song on a 7″ box set of KC/Lawrence bands. Eleutheromania means a mania or frantic zeal for freedom. (To listen to song, click on 28 Eleutheromania below)

28 Eleutheromania


Lucas makes changes to Star Wars yet again.

A&P Press, Roy Staiger

LucasFilms has confirmed rumors that changes will be made to the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” on Blu-Ray. The change that is igniting the most outrage on internet sites is having Darth Vader (now voiced by Alan Alda) yelling “Noooo!” when the Emperor (digitally re-enhanced to resemble Dick Cheney) is trying to kill Luke (who now has blue skin and antennas). Other changes include Princess Leia being re-voiced by Monique and the Yoda character is now a talking dog (voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried). In a statement Lucas says in part “Yes there are some small changes to the films but they are made to enhance the Star Wars experience.”

34th Annual of National Advertising and Editorial Art (1954-55)

Here’s another batch of advertising and editorial art from 1954-55 [click on image to enlarge]


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