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Notes From Das Boot 124

Gothenburg Sweden
Five week tour begins today, we flew out Monday. Really shitty internet at the hotel, so I’ll be lucky to get this done. Keep it short, don’t tempt the fickle internet gods of Sweden. First show is usually a clusterfuck of nerves, anticipation and worry. yeeash

ELVIS:The Kings Sideburns

About twenty years ago I did this thing with a photocopied Elvis LP cover and some construction paper. Some of it isn’t as funny as I remembered it but with the magic of the interweb I get to inflict it upon the multitude* of my loyal readers. Enjoy! (click on photo to enlarge)

*in this case, the word multitude may describe a group as small as two people.

Sunday Music 11/6/11

Sic Alps-Battery Townsley
These guys have been putting out cool, weird, really catchy music for a few years now. This is off of a single they put out about a month ago on Drag City (one of two they released in a month) and it might be my favorite song of the year. Which means absolutely nothing. [click on song title to listen]

01 Battery Townsley


Slow night, I’m going over and pricing a giant stack of records. They are musty but not moldy. Still they make me sneeze. A couple was shopping, they appeared to be a combination of comic book nerd and record geek. I know the look and the slightly too loud conversation, because I too am nerd. These guys added another layer of insipid goofiness that I frankly wasn’t buying. They were full of life, I was full of anti-life. Teeth grindingly so. The music that was playing ended, it was dead silence until the next selection was put on. Dead silence in a regular store is uncomfortable, in a record store it’s like a depressing hipster tomb. All I could hear was this guy jabbering.
”Blink 182-Dude Ranch…I was into these guys before anyone else was…really.”

(While looking at a 12” single for the Jetsons theme song from the Televisions Greatest Hits album) ”Televisions Greatest Hits?…I had this record…wait a second…I’m sorry, the Jetsons song is not televisions greatest hit…ninety nine cents? thank you.”

(to his girlfriend) “remember that song (sings) Does your store have any Mojo Nixon? If not it could use some fixin’…(looks at me) Does your store have any Mojo Nixon?……”
ME “……………..(wait for it)……………………we had some and nobody bought ‘em so we sent ‘em back..”
“…then your store could (trailing off)…use some fixin’”

“Man, these guys don’t have any used Jawbox records, that’s what I want…(looking at ELP-Brain Salad Surgery)..who’s Brian Salad Surgery?weird….Billy Joel are you gonna knock my socks off? (picking up Billy Joel-52nd Street)…’re…not..This isn’t the good one…How about you Billy Squier?…”

I went and got a coffee and felt like saurbraten.

fresh out of Mojo Nixon, although we have an extensive Skid Roper section

Another old book

Another cool old book we got in at work. Zwischen Neun und Neun by Leo Perutz,  I’m not sure of the artist. [click on image to enlarge]

Sunday Music 10/30/11

Nights & Days- These Days
This is from a great single that came out on Regal Select in 1989. I don’t know much about these guys, they were from the Pacific Northwest put out a couple of singles and then Rob Vasquez from Nights & Days formed The Night Kings who were really good as well, both bands are well worth seeking out. I have no idea what happened to them. ( to listen, click on song title in blue)

these days

Reprint: origin of Halloween Candy

[My computer’s hard drive died so I’m running a timely reprint:]
Candy Corn
Candy Corn was invented in NYC during the Great Depression. Candy scholars have pinpointed it’s exact birthplace to the Christian Stout Hearted Men’s Shelter in Hell’s Kitchen in 1931. The shelter run by swedish firebrand Father Stern Oakwas being vandalized regularly by local children. Having no luck with the police in stemming the vandalism, Father Oak decided to take matters into his own hands. Most of the homeless men who drifted into the shelter were in bad physical shape and a good many were losing their teeth. Father Oak methodically collected all the lost teeth and stored them in an empty pickle jar. By the time Halloween rolled around he had a full jar and he would have his revenge on the local pint sized vandals. He bagged the discolored rotten teeth in little wax bags and gave them out to trick or treaters. The rotten teeth had grown soft and the natural sugars in them made them sweet. The children loved this new treat that they called “Bum Teeth”. When it was revealed by a disappointed Father Oak that they were actually the teeth of homeless men, many enterprising young hooligans went after the destitute with a sugar jones and a pair of pliers. The rash of tooth violence against the impoverished reached alarming proportions until the Addams Candy company started selling artificial “Bum Teeth” that they called “Candy Corn” which were made from ground up horse teeth and sugar paste. The recipe was later changed to dandruff and sugar.

Bum Teeth aka Candy Corn or Kandy Korn