Whether fighting oil well fires in Texas as leader of the John Wayne Brigade or chefing up his famous “Grouse ala mode” for the extremely wealthy patrons of his Park Avenue restaurant L’entrail, this 48 year old daredevil and bon vivant leads a life of exciting excitement. A one man Algonquin table, his ribald tales of noble savagery will stick in your psyche like some peanut butter for your mind. Excelsior!

  1. Your two Pink Ladies were undercover CIA!
    The Bush admin hired middle-aged ladies in pink but failed to impart any duties. He tried, but nobody could understand what he was saying, authoritarian-wise.

    They were never terminated and are now very, very old and usually resemble Helen Thomas.

    To this day, whenever you see a pink biddy, beware, for she is searching for an understandable job description. It could be yours.

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