I hate me, part 843,154

Same guy as ELO post (the last post). He came in last week, was going through the new arrival bin of used LP’s. Announcing each artist he was looking at: Jeff BECK! Chi..ca..GO! Jefferson…STARSHIP!? He found a copy of Jethro Tull-Aqualung. Hmmmm…Jethro Tull!… my man!….Aqua…Man! (singing) “Greasy fingers smearing…some shabby cologne…YEAH!” That’s what I’m talking about…member back in the day when you could get 100 albums for a dime…A hundred fucking albums!…For a FUCKING DIME! Hahaha…hah..(cough)…those were the fucking days, right?!


    • Mike
    • June 6th, 2019

    Dude is right, you used to be able to get 100 albums for a dime …… remember the record club mail in deal where you got 10 albums for a penny? Well, that adds up to 100 albums for 10 cents …… of course, eventually the massive bill arrived in the mail forcing to you move from your house and leave no forwarding address …. but at least you got to listen to Aqua-man on your turntable (the one you bought from Jack’s).

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