More! stuff found in records

This is another in a long line of posts about stuff, mainly inserts that are found in trashed records
Record insert 1
record insert 2
record insert 3
Record insert 4
Record insert 5 pt 1
Record insert 5 pt2
Record insert 6 pt 1
Record insert 6 pt 2
record insert 7 pt 1
record insert pt 2

    • Spank
    • June 6th, 2017

    1) A- Dorothy

    2) D- Gefilte Fish

    3) A- Cockroach

    4) Yes

    5) C- Madeline

    6) I’d drink a keg of beer and not whiz, then go to the radio station and pee on it’s transmission tower until it shorted out ……. dammit, that’s 25 words, lemme try this again: I drink keg of beer, me no whiz, go to radio station, pee on tower, it short out, no transmissions …. OK, 20 words, I’m good.

    What I win ???

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