I Hate Me, part 729,810

A busy-ish Friday night at work, one of the first warm evenings we’ve had this year. Right on the verge of “yes, we should turn the AC on” but not quite there yet. Thick and warm, check. Doors open and fans not doing shit, check. Are you a fat guy so naturally you always want the AC on, check. While I was pondering this quandary a guy brought in a small stack of records, “you buy records?” Yes. “I have a few, can I borrow the hand truck?” Sure. Sixteen moving boxes later he was done. Out of sixteen boxes I only ended up buying 250, it was a tough slog going through them and I really wasn’t paying attention to much else. A woman came up and asked what we were playing, it was an album by Linton Kwesi Johnson who is a British reggae dub poet. I didn’t put it on so as I was going thru the faulty rolladex of shit in my head to figure out who it was:

Uhhhhh….mmmm….uhhhh…reggae guy

(Did I just fucking say “reggae guy”, aauurrghhhh!)

Reggae Guy?…that’s his name?


I blurted it out and I’m sure the way it sounded made even less sense then “reggae guy”

……thank you…. (and walked out of the store)

I turned the AC on

I found this album in the collection with a great cover by Jim Flora

    • Spank
    • May 2nd, 2017

    If you have to think about turning on the A/C, that means you turn on the A/C …… if you get chilly, you can always do things to warm up, like put on a sweater, but you can never do enough things to cool off.

    A/C is always the answer. For example: “What do you want for dinner?” and the answer is “I don’t give a shit, as long as you turn on the damn A/C!”

    • Kjel
    • May 4th, 2017

    We have problems with the heating/cooling system at work (it all runs on software now so if you think calling IT support is painful now, just wait till you have to use them for your environmental controls). The problems are recurring, for instance: a couple times each winter, the clock gets flipped and the heat goes on at night instead of during the day. Then, in transitional seasons, like now, the heat runs until the temp reaches a specific point, then the AC kicks in until the temp gets down to where the heat comes on again. The vents are blowing hot and cold air, so all day I’m constantly stripping/dressing/stripping/dressing….

    • Kjel
    • May 4th, 2017

    Kjel :
    *all day I’m constantly stripping/dressing/stripping/dressing

    *not as glamorous as it sounds….

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