I Hate Me, part 672,826

I was at work coming back from getting a cup of coffee and I soon as I stepped in I realized I should have walked slower getting there. A couple and their kid and while I wouldn’t call them crazy, I would definitely use eccentric. The wife addressed me first
You look like you work here, I want the Beach Boys and The Stylistics or somebody like the Beach Boys
I show here The Stylistics section
What’s this?
The Stylistics, like you asked for
Oh he has these…where are the Beachboys…Beach…Boys…..Beach…..Boys
Over here..here they are
Are these LIKE the Beachboys…Beach..Boys?
They ARE the Beach Boys
she wandered over to the soundtrack section, seconds later
Her husband who was looking thru the blues section
Who you talkin’ to!?!
You!!…..I didn’t say nothin’!!……PIPPIN!!
What!!..…I can’t believe he’s dead!!
B.B. King!!
They left and bought nothing



    • Mike Baker
    • February 19th, 2016

    You really should heavily medicate yourself before showing to work with just a coffee in hand. How do you get through the day with the people that walk in your shop?

    • Spank
    • February 22nd, 2016

    Pippin? I heard that ain’t easy …….

    What? Oh, it’s pimping that’s not easy ….. nevermind

    Nevermind? I can’t believe he’s dead ……

    Who’s dead ??

    Kurt Cobain

    What? When did this happen ???

    During the intermission of “Pippin”

    Pippin? I heard that ain’t easy ……………………………

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