I Hate me, pt. 530,610

There’s this guy who thinks that we carry everything that’s media based from every era and is always bitterly disappointed when we don’t have something like Batman trading cards from the 60’s, “*heavy sigh*…really?! you guys don’t got it? I was sure you would…*heavy sigh*”. He came by the back counter, no greeting just right into it, like we had just talked (it had been close to a year since he was in last):
This one’s easy, you should be able to get this
Really? Are you sure? You don’t have a great track record on finding stuff..
Yeah…Eric Clapton…….(looks at me)
Clapton we got
Eric Clapton…Journeyman…..(looks at me)
We probably have that cd
Eric Clapton…Journeyman…Tour shirt…original….(looks at me)
Goddamn it, you were so close man, if you just stopped at Eric Clapton Journeyman
(dead stare)…in black with orange lettering…. and tour dates…on the back
No man…we’re not gonna have that…ya gotta find that kind of stuff on line or…get a time machine and go back…sorry…but man…jeez…
*heavy sigh* I thought you could get it…or have it…how about this (points to some scribble on a paper bag )
I’m sorry man, I can’t read that
yeah…*heavy sigh*
then he walked out

    • Mike Baker
    • December 18th, 2015

    Merry Christmas Tim. Thank you for the good stories and laugh’s this year, such as this one. Have fun in Europe in the new year. Hope to see you and MM make it to Toronto or Montreal next year. Cheers P.S. Why did my parents throw away my Batman cards and other collectibles? I could have retired by now.

    • Spank
    • December 18th, 2015

    Do you sell hubcaps for a ’72 Pinto hatchback?

  1. Welcome to Jack’s Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. We buy taxidermy.

    • kjel
    • December 23rd, 2015

    Hey Tim: thanks for your great stories (it’s all in the delivery, ya know). Do you have any fresh cilantro in stock? How ’bout coriander?

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