I Hate Me part 529,015

Saturday afternoon at work. Stocky mouth-breather in his thirties, modified dyed black pompadour and sideburns, long denim shorts and slightly too small skull and crossbones t-shirt. Looking through our used soundtrack LP section, where there’s maybe 150-200 albums.
Holding up a record with his back to everyone, loudly and to nobody in particular:
Where are the prices?
…on the back
now turning around
I don’t see it
I point out the large Jacks sticker with a price on it
Oh…it just looks like a sticker from your store.
yeah, with the price on it… the numbers tell you how much it costs.
yeah…yeah…are these even broken down into sections?
well yeah you’re in the soundtrack…
(interrupts) No No dude IN the sections are there SECTIONS ?
No man, there’s only one row of soundtracks, should take you about a minute to go through
(heavy sigh)…oooh man
Bought the Grease soundtrack.

  1. Any Vic Mizzy fans out there? The soundtrack to the 1967 Tony Curtis drekfest, “Don’t Make Waves,” is excellent!

  2. Working the lines last week at work. Called up someone in Brooklyn who never evolved passed the knot at the end of the spinal cord that control the bowels and talking. “Hello Mam, calling on behalf of XYZ. In order to qualify for this survey, I must ask you, How many people in your home are age 18 and over?”
    She replied, “All of them.”

    • Spank
    • September 2nd, 2015

    Yeah, but is the price listed on the sticker the actual price I pay, or the manufacturers suggested retail price ??

    “Hey Tim, how much for this $1.99 record?”

    “Get the fuck outta my store now, idiot”

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