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I Hate Me, part 561,927

Friday night, at work, busy, middle aged guy hovering like wants to ask a question, finally he speaks.

I’m gonna ask you a question

ok…ask away

I see you guys don’t carry the complete…list of Poco cd’s

Yeah, there’s not a lot in print anymore

Is it because they’re dying out and no cares anymore?

Cd’s or Poco?

No one cares about Poco…they’re dying out

Welllll…a lot of times cd’s go out of print and the label just sells best of collections

…so nobody cares anymore..

I don’t know if nobody cares anymore…but you might find some of their out of print stuff on Amazon

(sigh) everywhere I go…nobody has Poco cd’s…the good ones…I guess they’re dying out

Maybe you’re right, No one does care and they’re dying out

(Brightens up) Yeah!…They were great tho, right?