McDonalds Failures: Part 234, The Shamrock McRib

In 1997 McDonalds attempted to combine two of their most popular limited time items, The Shamrock Shake and the McRib Sandwich. This hybrid combined the McRib pork-like sandwich with a special green “Shamrock Sauce” served on a dyed green roll. It was introduced at a small number of McDonalds restaurants in Iowa and reactions ranged from spontaneous vomiting to a full fledged riot before it was pulled two days into it’s trial run. Although not as disastrous as their foray into medicine (McDentist) it was a definite black eye for the company.
shamrock mcrib

    • Mike Baker
    • March 5th, 2015

    Love the Shamrock shakes. McRib, not so much. However this looks like a McPuke sandwich. I’ll pass.

    • Spank
    • March 6th, 2015

    I fuckin’ hate the colored’s ….. they should be sent back to where they came from and not have to associate with the white’s.

    I have a strong opinion about the color of my rolls !!!

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