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Notes From Das Boot 229

Monday 3/2/15- Red Bank, New Jersey

ScumBASH was an odd festival even by Dutch standards (The Exploited, Rev. Horton Heat Sham 69, Monster Magnet and many unknown roots-a-billy bands). The crowd was a cross between Neo-rockabilly guys their Betty Page-ish counterparts, doughy middle aged guys in Mohawks, and artisan beard farmers. By the end of the festival after a long day of drinking everyone was staggering around and it looked like the cover of a Back From The Grave* compilation (minus the murder and mayhem). The best part of the day was checking out the old Van Nelle  factory where the festival was held. An amazing building from the late 1920’s and a great example of the International Style of architecture. The worst part was that there was no record sellers in the “Cutthroat Bay” of retailers. At most of these kind of festivals and especially if there’s any rockabilly or punk contingent there’s gonna be a couple of guys hawking records. Nope, there was an old-timey barber, a couple of guys doing tattoos, a nail place and a t-shirt guy who seemed to only sell shirts that had Johnny Cash on them or the word Psychobilly. 

Now I’m home again and everything is a little more right in the world. Back to work tomorrow.

Voeding Kracht, the mechanical overlord of ScumBASH.

*if you don’t have any of the Back From The Grave compilations, buy them all and buy them now.