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Notes From Das Boot 225

Wednesday 2/25/15, Bremen Germany 

Getting sick on road is one of the more miserable aspects of touring. The same cramped living situation plus you feel like shit. So over the years I’ve been bringing more and more stuff to stave of sickness or make it bearable when I do. It has grown into a giant zip-lock that’s like a  middle class voodoo Gris Gris bag. I have to have everything: DayQuil, NyQuil, DuskQuil. Ibuprofen and Excedrin, because it has caffeine and I’m sure the Euro’s haven’t figured that out yet. Every type of stomach aid I can find. Band-aids, do Europeans even have band-aids? Maybe they just use spider webs and mud. I have it broken down into 2 smaller bags, one for the main suitcase and one for the satellite case that I keep on the bus. You need a Rolaid? Should have thought of that before we left America, fella. I’m sure these savages over here don’t know what an antacid is and I only have 9 rolls left, sorry.

Keep away sickness