Notes from Das Boot 224

Tuesday 2/24/15, Bremen Germany

Show in Gothenborg at Sticky Fingers was real good, small venue, packed house, good production and great opening band Dead Heads who played noisy, amped up blues rock, a rough mix of Graveyard and TheHellacopters.
The next show was Oslo. The only things open in Oslo on a Sunday are cafes, bars and 7-11’s (which are better then the ones in the states, smaller yet with more stuff), which meant I missed out on going to another one of my favorite record stores Tiger. A sharp little indie store that I manage to drop too much money in when I’m there.
About a half hour before doors, we got word that Dave’s bus plague had gotten worse, his voice was a croak and unless we were gonna do the show in sign language it would be canceled. I volunteered to do interpretive dance for the songs in the set so the show would go on without a singer but was beaten into a coma by band and crew for my very generous offer. I woke up in Bremen where we are spending our unscheduled day off. I went out for dinner last night, made a wrong turn and wound up in a restaurant-less part of town. I saw a sign in the distance that had a lamb on it. I thought it was a sign for a restaurant. It was a actually a sheep indicating a mattress shop. I ate some bedding.
Four shows left.

I went to the Can store to pick up a reissue of Monster Movie on lp but they had no idea what I was talking about. I demanded to speak to Holger Czukay . I was asked to leave. ( sorry for the record nerd humor attempt, but how many times are you gonna see a store called Can in Germany)

    • Mike Baker
    • February 24th, 2015

    Thanks for the great stories and laughs Tim. Now just imagine the other animals on the menu. . Cow/ Leather store. Fish/ Aquarium store. Geese/ Feather pillows. Hope everyone gets home safe and sound. When Dave is feeling better and back home, could you try and convince him to bring the band back to Toronto or Montreal. P.S Whats a record store? Can hardly find any in Canada anymore.

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