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Notes from Das Boot 224

Tuesday 2/24/15, Bremen Germany

Show in Gothenborg at Sticky Fingers was real good, small venue, packed house, good production and great opening band Dead Heads who played noisy, amped up blues rock, a rough mix of Graveyard and TheHellacopters.
The next show was Oslo. The only things open in Oslo on a Sunday are cafes, bars and 7-11’s (which are better then the ones in the states, smaller yet with more stuff), which meant I missed out on going to another one of my favorite record stores Tiger. A sharp little indie store that I manage to drop too much money in when I’m there.
About a half hour before doors, we got word that Dave’s bus plague had gotten worse, his voice was a croak and unless we were gonna do the show in sign language it would be canceled. I volunteered to do interpretive dance for the songs in the set so the show would go on without a singer but was beaten into a coma by band and crew for my very generous offer. I woke up in Bremen where we are spending our unscheduled day off. I went out for dinner last night, made a wrong turn and wound up in a restaurant-less part of town. I saw a sign in the distance that had a lamb on it. I thought it was a sign for a restaurant. It was a actually a sheep indicating a mattress shop. I ate some bedding.
Four shows left.

I went to the Can store to pick up a reissue of Monster Movie on lp but they had no idea what I was talking about. I demanded to speak to Holger Czukay . I was asked to leave. ( sorry for the record nerd humor attempt, but how many times are you gonna see a store called Can in Germany)